AI Tool Developed by Shonen Jump+ Editors to Assist in Manga Writing

Shonen Jump+ Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Yuta Momiyama, revealed on Twitter last Thursday that they helped develop an AI tool called “Comic CoPilot AI” to help them write their manga.

comic copilot

Shonen Jump+ is an online magazine for Japanese manga created by Shueisha Publishing Co. and was launched with 30 manga series on September 22, 2014.

Some popular titles were serialized in this online magazine, including Spy × Family, Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku, and World’s End Harem.

Aside from Shonen Jump+, Momiyama also handles the online services of MANGA plus. He was really curious and interested in the impact of AI tools in writing manga.

Last Thursday, Momiyama revealed that he and Shuhei Hosono, Shonen Jump+ editor-in-chief, and Kensuu, representative director of a company dealing with AI and NFT projects, have co-developed the “Comic CoPilot AI” tool.

About Comic CoPilot AI tool

The tool utilizes ChatGPT, a chatbot with artificial intelligence programmed to provide detailed responses. The Comic CoPilot tool will be used for many tasks, including composing names and titles.

Not only coming with characters’ names or shortening dialogues, but The Comic Copilot can also be used for brainstorming and as a consultant too.

Using AI tools to shorten dialogues could be substantial to manga writers; otherwise, it would take them multiple times to edit before coming up with something that fits in the speech bubbles while conveying the desired message simultaneously.

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Japan on AI-Generated Content

Some Japanese content websites, including DLsite, Ci-en, pixiv FANBOX, and Fantia, have banned and restricted AI-generating tools in their platforms to refrain AI and machine-generating product tools from taking on jobs from the community. Traditionally-made manga is unique.

Although many have been using AI to create manga, they are highly encouraged to post their outputs on user-generated manga websites such as Shonen Jump Rookie and Manga-No.

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These websites warn and remind users that even though AI-generated advice and ideas are accepted, verifying whether the output is plagiarized is essential, as AI sometimes draws content from the existing manga.

We cannot deny that artificial intelligence has slowly taken the jobs humans have been supposed to work on. AI has taken over such as technology and legal jobs, customer service, graphic designing, trading, and even teaching.

However, some also believe that instead of worrying about the prediction that it will steal Jobs from people, we must recognize that AI can also enhance the scope and improve the creation speed.

Source: Yūta Momiyama’s Twitter, Comic Copilot Website

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