10 Anime Main Characters With Weirdest Powers, Ranked

Are you tired of the same old, overpowered anime protagonists that have become all too predictable? Do you feel like these cookie-cutter characters are draining the excitement out of your anime-watching experience?

10 Anime Main Characters With Unique Powers, Ranked

Well, you’re in for a treat today. In this article, we’re stepping away from the mainstream to explore anime main characters with powers so bizarre, they’ll reignite your passion for the genre. Intrigued? You should be.

Let’s get started on unveiling the ten anime characters with the weirdest, most unique powers out there!

10. Denji

10 Anime Main Characters With Unique Powers, Ranked
Anime TitleChainsaw Man
Strange PowerMC Can Become Chainsaw Man

Denji serves as the central figure in the Chainsaw Man series. Initially presented as a vulnerable young boy, he resorted to selling his own body parts and taking on perilous jobs just to make ends meet. His struggles were compounded by the recent loss of his father, whose debt he inherited.

His loyal pet, Pochita, was no ordinary animal but the Chainsaw Devil himself. Denji considered Pochita part of his family. When a devil, who was also his debt collector, took Denji’s life, Pochita merged with him, becoming his heart and reviving him. This transformation turned Denji into the Chainsaw Man.

In this new form, Denji’s head transforms into a full-fledged chainsaw, and chainsaws also extend from both of his hands. He has the ability to shift into Chainsaw Man at will, and this newfound power grants him immortality.

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9. Izuku Midoriya

10 Anime Main Characters With Unique Powers, Ranked
Anime TitleMy Hero Academia
Strange PowerCan Use Powers of His Ancestors

Izuku Midoriya stands at the forefront of the series as its main protagonist. He is the latest recipient of One For All, a unique ability traditionally passed down through generations to individuals lacking a quirk—essentially, a superpower.

To prepare his body for this immense power, Midoriya underwent rigorous physical training for an extended period.

Initially, Izuku was portrayed as a quirkless young boy with an unyielding desire to become a hero. Despite his lack of a quirk, his innate drive to help others caught the attention of All Might, the previous holder of One For All, who chose Izuku as his successor.

In the most recent season, Izuku discovers that he can tap into the abilities of One For All’s previous users, who spiritually accompany him.

Among these newfound powers are “Danger Sense” from the quirk’s fourth user and Blackwhip from the fifth user. These additional abilities have elevated Deku’s capabilities, making him an even more formidable hero.

8. Guang Lu & Xiaoshi Cheng

10 Anime Main Characters With Unique Powers, Ranked
Anime TitleLink Click
Strange PowerEnter Photos & Control the World Inside it

Guang Lu and Xiaoshi Cheng serve as the central characters in the series, co-owning Time Photo Studio. The studio is unique in that it offers clients a chance to address issues from their past through a chosen photograph.

Working in tandem, Guang Lu and Xiaoshi Cheng enter into these photographs to resolve the problems presented by their clients. Guang Lu possesses the ability to foresee events that will occur within a 12-hour window after a photograph is taken.

To facilitate their mission, the duo shares consciousness. This is made possible through a high-five they exchange before embarking on each task.

This ritual allows them to share their mental states, enabling a single person—usually Xiaoshi—to physically enter the photograph while maintaining a connection with Guang Lu.

7. Natsuki Subaru

10 Anime Main Characters With Unique Powers, Ranked
Anime TitleRe: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-
Strange PowerReturn from a Checkpoint After Dying

Natsuki Subaru is the central character of the Re Zero series. He finds himself mysteriously transported to a different world, commonly known as “isekai,” as he steps out of a convenience store.

Unlike typical isekai protagonists, Subaru doesn’t gain any extraordinary abilities to fend off enemies in this new realm.

However, he does acquire a unique power: the ability to return from death. Unbeknownst to him, Subaru establishes certain checkpoints in this world.

If he meets an untimely end, he reverts back to one of these checkpoints, allowing him to navigate around the pitfalls that led to his demise.

While this power may seem advantageous, it comes with a significant downside. Each death takes a toll on Subaru’s mental well-being, as the emotional and physical sensations of dying remain vividly imprinted on him.

6. Eren Yeager

10 Anime Main Characters With Unique Powers, Ranked
Anime TitleAttack on Titan
Strange PowerCan Become a Titan (Giant Beast)

Eren Yeager is the focal character of the series, harboring a deep-rooted hatred for Titans ever since he witnessed his mother being devoured by one.

Determined to exact revenge, Eren dedicates his life to joining the Survey Corps, an elite group tasked with venturing beyond the walls to eliminate Titans. Despite facing numerous challenges, he eventually earns his place in the Corps.

In a twist of fate, Eren inherits the power of the Attack Titan from his father, allowing him to transform into the very creature he despises. As the series progresses, Eren gains the abilities of additional Titan forms, solidifying his status as the most formidable Titan wielder in human history.

5. Maple

10 Anime Main Characters With Unique Powers, Ranked
Anime TitleBOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense.
Strange PowerUse Defense as an Offensive Skill

Maple is a standout character in the Bofuri series. She is a high school girl who is introduced to the virtual game New World Online by her friend Sally, who is also the main protagonist.

Upon entering the game, Maple opts to allocate all her stat points into defense, driven by her aversion to in-game pain. This decision causes her defensive abilities to soar to unparalleled levels.

Interestingly, her inflated defensive stats unlock a range of long-range attacks, originally categorized as defensive skills. Maple ingeniously repurposes these skills for offense, turning her into a formidable adversary for anyone she encounters in the game.

4. Mash Burnedead

10 Anime Main Characters With Unique Powers, Ranked
Anime TitleMashle: Magic and Muscles
Strange PowerLiving off Muscular Strength in a Magic World

Mash Burnedead is the central figure in the series. He is born without the ability to use magic. Abandoned at birth, he is taken in and raised by an elderly man who finds him.

Due to his lack of magical abilities, Mash faces harsh treatment and prejudice. In a society where magicless infants are typically left to die, his guardian chooses to raise him in seclusion in the woods. Here, Mash focuses on physical training to compensate for his magical deficiency.

As he matures, Mash becomes extraordinarily powerful, even when pitted against magic users. To blend in, he enrolls in the Magic Academy, sporting a fake magic mark on his face as a disguise.

Remarkably, he remains unbeaten in various challenges, from flying to teleporting, relying solely on his physical prowess to outperform his magically gifted peers.

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3. Light Yagami

10 Anime Main Characters With Unique Powers, Ranked
Anime TitleDeath Note
Strange PowerKill Anyone by just writing their name

Light Yagami is the driving force of the series, a high school student who is both intellectually gifted and strikingly good-looking. Disenchanted with the monotony of life, he yearns for something more stimulating.

His life takes a dramatic turn when he discovers a mysterious notebook plummeting from the sky. Intrigued, he takes the Death Note home and soon realizes its deadly power when a criminal he writes about meets an untimely end. This revelation brings Ryuk, the Death God, into his life, curious to see how Light will wield this newfound power.

Emboldened, Light embarks on a mission to rid Japan—and eventually the world—of criminals. Armed with the ability to end lives by merely writing names in the Death Note, he adopts the alias “Kira.” Convinced he’s become a god-like figure, he sets out on a crusade to cleanse the world of wrongdoers.

2. Trafalgar D. Water Law

10 Anime Main Characters With Unique Powers, Ranked
Anime TitleOne Piece
Strange PowerCreate a space where he manipulates everything

Trafalgar D. Water Law is a character who has recently stepped into the limelight as one of the main figures in the last two arcs of the One Piece anime series. He serves as the captain of the Heart Pirates.

First appearing in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Law quickly made an impression with his unique abilities, courtesy of the Op-Op Devil Fruit he consumed. This grants him the power to create a special zone around him, referred to as “ROOM,” where he can manipulate objects and people as if in a surgical theater.

Within this space, Law can effortlessly sever anyone or anything, and even swap souls between individuals, making him a formidable force. In a recent development, he has awakened his Devil Fruit powers, unlocking a new ability called “KROOM,” which enables him to target enemies from any location.

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1. Shigeo Kageyama

10 Anime Main Characters With Unique Powers, Ranked
Anime TitleMob Psycho 100
Strange PowerEmotional Countdown

Shigeo Kageyama, commonly known as “Mob,” is the central figure of the series. Employed by a fraudulent exorcist, Mob uses his innate psychic abilities to help his employer earn a living. A childhood incident led him to suppress his emotions, creating a unique mechanism to manage his psychic energy.

Mob has a numerical countdown that starts from zero and climbs to one hundred. This counter signifies the level of psychic energy he’s releasing, and when it reaches 100%, a suppressed emotion bursts forth from him.

This countdown system isn’t without its risks. Hitting 100% in anger can result in catastrophic destruction in his surroundings. Additionally, Mob has a mysterious “???” countdown that activates when he loses consciousness due to emotional trauma. In this state, his psychic powers go rogue, causing uncontrolled mayhem.

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And there you have it: 10 of the best anime main characters with unique powers. Let us know in the comments below if we missed any character of your preference. If you liked this article, you will like

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