Black Clover 342 Spoilers: Ichika’s Dark Form!

After a brief one-week break Black Clover is back with the long-awaited chapter 342! The chapter will hopefully answer some questions as to what exactly Ichika means when she says her elder brother, Captain Yami murdered the entire Yami clan! Did the captain of the Black Bulls really brutally annihilate his entire family or like Itachi and the Uchiha massacre from Naruto, did he have reasons to do so?

After a tantalizing cliffhanger and wait, we’ll finally be getting our answer in today’s chapter, which is promised to have a flashback scene! With that said, now is your last chance to place your bets because we won’t be wasting any time to get right into our spoilers! So without further ado let’s get into it!

black clover chapter 342

Chapter 341 Recap

Before we jump into spoilers for chapter 341 let’s do a quick recap of what went down in the most recent chapter of the series, titled, ‘Hazy.’ Be sure to read the chapter yourself, you can find it for free, and officially down below!

Chapter 341 starts off with Asta continuing his training with three brand-new characters! Imari Komari, Ookadai Zaemon, and Haegatsuji Jouzou, all members of the Land of the Sun’s Ryuzen Seven! On behalf of Ryuuya, the three are taking the day to train Asta. Essentially the foreigner has taken a break from getting beat up by Ichika, instead getting destroyed by these three and their powerful Zetten technique.

After much training, Asta lies back and thinks back on everything he learned today. He’s so deep in thought that he doesn’t even notice the arrival of Ichika, who seems to be watching over him. As she explains, since Ryuuya is busy with actual work, she has been assigned with supervising Asta, which also means she has to answer any of the mage’s questions.

Something Asta takes advantage of, immediately asking about Ryuuya’s right eye. Explaining that the Land of the Sun’s administration is still pretty unstable, Ryuuya’s right eye essentially gives him the ability to keep everything in check; that’s right, the Shogun of this strange country has the ability of Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance, or as Ichika calls it, Tengentsuu, gives Ryuuya the ability to see everything that is happening in the present, which does explain some things.

After fangirling for a bit over how amazing Ryuuya is, Ichika tries to end the conversation however, Asta has his hero to talk about, Captain Yami. Surprisingly, all the praise Asta gives the Captain of the Black Bulls is met with scorn as Ichika, the man’s own sister says that the man he speaks of is the worst type of scum. And here is where the bombshell twist of the chapter drops. Captain Yami, the man we know and love, apparently killed his entire family clan.

I know that sentence raises a lot of questions, so without wasting any time let’s hopefully get into some answers with this week’s spoilers!

Chapter 342 Spoilers

Now that we are all caught up, let’s dive right into chapter 342. Warning, however, some raws for the upcoming chapter are already out, so there are confirmed spoilers below; you have been warned.

The chapter seems to start off with a brief explanation of what exactly the Yami clan is. Believed to be the descendants of a group of distinguished assassins, the clan resides and guards a province of land within the Land of the Sun that is owned by the Ryudou Family. This province is also home to an old legendary black lake that is said to hold the magical power that leaked out of a mythical dragon, thus turning it black.

Jumping over to the Yami clan, we see Sukehiro and Ichika’s father training and yelling at Sukehiro while holding a bottle of alcohol, implying that he might be a drunk. After pushing Sukehiro to the ground the father attempts to strike the spectating child Ichika with a wooden sword, saying that she looks just like her deceased mother. Yelling out his anger towards the woman for dying after giving him a daughter. Sukehiro puts a stop to all this when he blocks one of his father’s blows, standing up for his younger sister.

Later on, we see a flashback of Ichika, Sukehiro, and Ryuuya as the trio discusses Ryuuya’s goal for the world, a world where “everyone laughs and lives together” regardless of rank or magical power. Sukehiro, although dismissing the idea, says that he has a nice dream, but it may be important to note that Ryuuya has both his eyes in this scene. Though the trio seems happy here, Ichika notes that things quickly changed when at the age of thirteen, Sukehiro killed everyone in his clan, save for herself, and fled the country, going to live with Asta and the others in the Clover Kingdom. As she has said multiple times, Sukehiro Yami cannot be trusted.

After hearing this Asta thinks back to his captain and all their time together with the Black Bulls, finally, the young wizard challenges Ichika. Telling her, he still has faith in his captain, despite hearing all that! Ichika claims that she saw the entire incident go down with her own eyes, but Asta is unwavering telling her that no matter the case, there must be some sort of mistake or explanation.

Even as Ichika tells the Clover mage to stop being foolish, Asta stands by his captain, saying that even if he has to fight her, he will never accept this as the truth. So without wasting a beat, Ichika gives him exactly what he wants, warning him that this fight will be very different from their practice skirmishes.

As the chapter closes out, we see Ichika prepare for the fight as she launches a spell we haven’t seen yet from her scroll, “Dark Yojutsu: Dark Cloaked Black Warrior!” In the last panel of the chapter, she tells Asta, “even if you die… I don’t care.”

I don’t think I need to say it, but the next chapter of Black Clover is guaranteed to be an amazing one and one I cannot wait for! Regardless, what are your thoughts on the Yami reveal? Although we don’t have all the answers, we certainly know a lot more than what we did last week, be sure to let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section below!

Release Date

Black Clover chapter 342 is expected to release on Sunday, October 29th, 2022. As of the writing of this article, there have been no announced delays to the upcoming chapter.

Meaning that the official English release of Black Clover will most likely stick to the schedule and release as usual.

Where To Read

You can read Black Clover officially and for free on both Viz Media and Manga Plus. Of course, you can also read the series through the recently launched Manga Plus app. Please try to read the series officially, as this supports both the author and allows them to create more stories.

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