Blue Lock Chapter 244 Spoilers: France Tackles Spain!

Blue Lock chapter 244 spoilers have been the talk of the fandom for some while now, and now that they have finally arrived, the moment is here to discuss them thoroughly.

The series has taken a deep dive into Ness’s past, and it was all nothing but tragic in its entirety. After joining Blue Lock to seek out ‘magic,’ Ness met the esoteric Kaiser, and the rest is history.

Kaiser made Blue Lock special for Ness, and both of them eventually became friends and evolved further into an unbeatable duo.

Chapter 243 ended with Kaiser claiming to receive a vision of ‘something’ that will take down Yoichi as the best striker.

Here are Blue Lock chapter 244 spoilers!

These spoilers are the courtesy of @Rayuga and @Hoshi on Twitter/X!

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Blue Lock Chapter 244 Spoilers:

Blue Lock chapter 244 will be titled “PXG Summary,” according to the spoilers, and begins with a showcase of the market value of the players.

Neo Egoist league will begin soon; meanwhile, Isagi, Hiori, Kuruna, and Yukiyama are standing in a room while discussing the values. According to Kuruna and Yukiyama, one goal can increase a player’s value by 30 to 50 million.

Hiori received an increase of 20 million as he assisted Isagi in his goal. Even if someone is involved, they will receive an immediate increase.

Blue Lock Chapter 244 spoilers

While everyone is conversing, Isagi is constantly focused on his and Rin’s Ranking. He only needs to score one more goal to sit atop the rankings and become the most valued player in the world.

Yukki reminds Isagi that the match between Spain and France is about to begin, and it is Isagi’s chance to observe Rin thoroughly.

The match is about to begin, and Gegamaru and Isagi are present in the monitoring room. It has begun, and Rin is the first one to handle the ball. Otoyo and Bachira went out of their way to block Rin’s path.

Behind Rin, Nanase and Tokimitsu support him, and Isagi is amazed at how they provide him with an advantage. Rin passed the ball to Nanase and then forwarded it to Tokimitsu.

Blue Lock Chapter 244 spoilers

Tokimitsu continued to pass the ball to another PXG player, and it rounded back towards Rin. Isagi speculates that he will use Rin’s trick to shoot the score. However, Rin destroys his speculation and uses a peculiar technique.

Isagi admires Rin’s abilities; according to him, this is the *new* Itoshi Rin. Suddenly, Loki arrived out of nowhere and made a substitution. Everyone in the monitoring room is surprised as Shido will replace Rin.

The team makes a reformation and the match restarts. Isagi was surprised as the whole team received a change. Karasu steals the ball from Otoya.

Karasu passed it all the way around to Shidou, impressing Isagi further.

The pass was a bit over and emphasized speed more, making Shido hit it for a goal. The battle is getting intense, making Isagi realize that Rin and Shido are a formidable duo to tackle.

Blue Lock Chapter 244 spoilers

On the other hand, Raichi is worried, and Hiori asks Isagi how they would be able to tackle them, as it seems that Rin can read Shidou’s thoughts.

While everyone is confused, no one can understand what Isagi and Hiori are discussing. The tactics to tackle them are being discussed, and it all comes down to one person, Charles.

Charles is currently considered the heart of France, and to take the formidable duo down is to disable him first.

The chapter ends with Isagi and Hiori realizing the key to their match, Charles.

No break next week! Blue Lock Chapter 244 will be released on December 13, 2023.

Blue Lock chapter 244 will be officially available on November 22, 2023. The series is available to read on Kodansha’s website!

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