Blue Lock Chapter 245 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Italy Wins Over England!

Blue Lock has made its return from the break, and the Blue Lock chapter 245 spoilers have now been released.

Blue Lock chapter 245 spoilers

After the series concluded Ness’s past, we were welcomed by another intriguing moment. The leading players of Bastard Munchen are present at the match between France and Spain.

As Isagi desires to become the most valued player in the world, he is spectating the match to study Rin.

Currently, Rin is the most valuable player in the world, and Isagi understands his abilities and play style to the best of his judgment.

Here are the Blue Lock chapter 245 spoilers!

These spoilers are the courtesy of @Rayuga and @Hoshi on Twitter/X!

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Blue Lock Chapter 245 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, Blue Lock chapter 245 will be titled “Die at once” and begins with the match between Italy and England.

The matches between Spain and France, Italy and England are being played simultaneously. Italy and England are the main focus, and it currently upholds the charts as the “eighth match.”

The match has already begun; Agi has received the ball, and Chris tells him to pass it towards Seshiro. However, Agi decided to follow Chris and passed the ball to Nagi.

Niko witnessed both of them exchanging the ball and told Aryuu to be ready for the defense against the prodigy.

Blue Lock chapter 245 spoilers

Nagi charged towards the goalpost and passed Niko and Aryu, but Lorenzo managed to stop him. This distracts Nagi, and Reo calls him out from behind to make him focus and shoot.

Unfortunately, Aiku stops the ball and defends the goal. Aiku teases Nagi by telling him he is just a moment late and that he is not Isagi.

Barou gets the free ball and charges towards the MC players while telling everyone to step aside. Reo tries to steal the ball from Barou, but he passes it to Niko.

Barou begins to calculate his way to a decisive shot, but Chigiri arrives and intercepts the ball before Barou can even process it.

It was a free ball once again, and it was closer to the goal. Sendou made the decisive goal, and Ubers Italy won against England.

Blue Lock chapter 245 spoilers

Agi expresses his feelings to everyone as they have no room to go, and the next match will be their last. On the other side, Nagi and Barou are conversing.

Nagi asks Barou what he would do if he became the number one player. Barou replies he will make a new era and take revenge on anyone who tries to take his position.

The focus changes towards the match between France and Spain, where Shidou scores the decisive goal and PXG wins. Isagi and his team are spectating the match and are genuinely surprised by their efforts.

Hiori explains Spain had their master Lavinho come out, and Otoya and Bachira took back two points from the scores. However, Shidou ended the game, and France won.

At the end of the chapter, Isagi says France has won all their games and teams. The final decisive battle for the throne is now ready!

Break next week, Blue Lock chapter 245, will be released on December 27, 2023.

Blue Lock chapter 244 will be officially available on November 22, 2023. The series is available to read on¬†Kodansha’s¬†website!

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