Blue Lock Chapter 249 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Rin Takes Isagi

The series finale has begun; Blue Lock chapter 249 spoilers have surfaced, and the situation is gradually taking shape with the passage of time.

Blue Lock Chapter 249 Spoilers

Germany’s Bastard Munchen and France’s PxG battle is the most anticipated one only due to the sole reason of the show-off between Isagi and Rin.

If Bastard Munchen fails to win this match, all of their progression and hard work would mean nothing; returning home empty-handed.

The match kicked off in the conclusion of chapter 248. Here are Blue Lock chapter 249 spoilers & raw scans!

Blue Lock Chapter 249 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

The chapter begins with Isagi noticing how Rin and Shidou were used together in the last match, including the gamble of PxG with an unpredicted formation. He was interested back then and now looks forward to the ultimate battle.

Isagi wants his team to give their all to get him to the number one spot, dethroning Rin. The referee blows the whistle, and Kaiser has the ball while Ness is beside him.

Shidou charges toward Kaiser in an attempt to steal the ball, but he passes the ball to Ness. As Kaiser passes Shidou, Ness passes the ball back to him, but Karasu intercepts before Kaiser can get a hold of it.

Karasu steals the ball, and Kunigami kicks it toward Charles and Kiyora. As the ball reaches those two, Grimm and Raichi stand firmly to intercept the ball, but Zantetsu charges to the ball. Before the ball lands, Raichi races Zantetsu toward the ball.

However, the ball lands near Nanase, Hiori, and Tokimitsu. Hiori attempts to reach the ball, but Nanase kicks the ball toward Rin.

Isagi arrives and headbutts the ball hastily before Rin can shoot it and then taunts him. The audience soars to new heights, and the announcer of the match fires up the atmosphere with their phenomenal commentary.

No break next week; Blue Lock Chapter 249 releases on January 31, 2024.

Blue Lock will return with a new installment very soon! The series is available to read on Kodansha’s website!

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