Blue Lock Chapter 253 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Isagi and HE Team up!

Blue Lock chapter 253 spoilers have arrived. The previous chapter went out with a banger, which caused the fandom to cause a stir on X and other social media.

Blue Lock Chapter 253 Spoilers

The battle between France and Germany continued, and Shidou finally scored the goal against Bastard Munchen.

Shidou’s goal made every member of Bastard Munchen gasp in awe, but later, it gave them a reality check of what was to come.

Here are Blue Lock chapter 253 spoilers & raw scans!

Blue Lock Chapter 253 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

The chapter opens up with the announcer celebrating Shidou’s ultra goal, thanks to the pass from Charles.

Shidou and Charles appreciate each other’s efforts to achieve the ultra goal. With this, the abnormal devil duo is born.

Loki watches them both from the bench and remembers that Charles’s impish personality contradicts his passing techniques. He also adds that he always failed to awaken Charles’s maximum potential but failed.

After a few moments, Raichi rants that Shidou pulled Isagi’s uniform, which counts as a foul, and asks the referee to call it out. But Isagi refuses to agree and thinks he pulled him first, and then Rin stepped on the ball to give him flow.

He manages to force the announcer to VAR view, and after inspecting closely, the goal remains confirmed, and Raichi is still not convinced. Isagi tells him to shut up since his abusive language will cost the team a Yellow Card.

Isagi noticed that everyone was playing their level best but still couldn’t stop Charles and Shidou’s formation. He also notices that Charles has almost passed out, meaning that his and Shidou’s play was not coordinated and happened out of the blue.

This reminds him of his partnership with Hiori in the previous match, where they clashed selfishly, and if they had to score, they needed to cook something up like Charles and Shidou.

Isagi and Hiori now plan to change their mentality and work on their key: the hunger for victory. Hiori decides to follow the flow of Isagi so they can reach a goal together. He thanks Hiori, and Noa stands up from the bench.

Noa asks Kuni to take away Shidou’s freedom, and he pairs up with Isagi and calls him a Cyborg.

The chapter concludes with Isagi calling for a counterattack with Kuni’s help.

Blue Lock Chapter 253 will be released on 28 February 2023.

Blue Lock will return with a new installment very soon! The series is available to read on Kodansha’s website!

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