Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 6 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Boruto Fights Mitsuki!

The monthly wait has reached an end. Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 6 spoilers have arrived.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 6 spoilers

The Boruto series takes a dramatic turn since everyone in the Konoha village believes Boruto is the real fugitive instead of Kawaki, and Kawaki is the son of the 7th Hokage, Naruto.

After finding solace in the woods, he trains with Sasuke and returns to avenge Code and Kawaki’s atrocities.

The last chapter of the series ends with a reconciliation between Boruto and Sarada, who is the sole individual of Konoha and understands Boruto is not the villain here.

Here are the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 6 spoilers & raw scans!

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Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 6 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

The chapter begins with Shikamaru standing before the Konoha’s feudal lords, curious about Boruto’s return to the village after he attempted to assassinate “Uzumaki Kawaki.”

Despite Boruto assisting the village in taking down Code and making him retreat, the lords want Shikamaru to assassinate Boruto as it is a matter of trust to the Hidden Leaf.

Shikamaru understands their concerns and leaves the room as the lords tell him his time limit has been reached and he should just be the lord eighth.

He returns to his room and hears a knocking sound on the door. Ino arrives at the office to bring the documents of something confidential, and Shikamaru apologizes for making her do it.

Shikamaru explains the documents are old mission records from which he can extract something useful, and he asks Ino to leave.

But curiosity gets the best of Ino, and she asks what Shikamaru plans to do with them. He asks Ino not to let anyone hear this conversation, including Eida and Amado. In this case, he can only trust her, and as soon as Ino asks about his plan, the focus shifts toward Kawaki and Eida.

Eida is telling Kawaki about ten-tails’ consciousness, making them something akin to awakening. Kawaki asks Eida about Code, and she says they are already on a level that Code cannot handle.

Not only will Ten-tails attack Boruto and Kawaki since he is an Ohtsutsuki, but their primary target is Lord Seventh, Naruto. Kawaki is left in a state of confusion as he cannot understand why Ten-tails would attack Naruto.

Daemon interrupts their conversation and tells them she has Naruto in her palm. She asks Kawaki if they are the only ones, except Boruto and Sasuke, who know about Naruto’s status.

If those powerful monsters arrive in the village to intercept Naruto, everyone will know Kawaki is a liar. Unlike Eida, Daemon does not care what happens to Kawaki.

Kawaki gets up and leaves the room as Eida tries to stop him, back to Surime, Boruto, and Sarada, where Sarada thinks about how she hugged Boruto from her feelings.

Surime is glad Boruto looks fine even after three years of disappearance, and likewise, he tells Surime and Sarada the thing. Sarada was worried the most about Boruto’s well-being and was glad, too.

Boruto says his chakra has vanished, and he cannot be located by the founding teams except Kawaki. Boruto has returned to the village to tell Sarada about her father’s whereabouts, as Sasuke is now absorbed into the ten-tails.

In a matter of time, Kawaki suddenly feels Boruto’s chakra and rushes towards him. Meanwhile, Sarada asks about how Sasuke was absorbed. Boruto explains that Ten-tails will eat anyone with chakra and many Ohotsutsukis.

In the Hokage’s office, Mitsuki is now connected to Shikamaru and alerts him about Boruto’s presence in the village. Boruto can vanish his chakra, similar to Kawaki, so it is hard to pinpoint his location.

Before they tag his location with the help of Eida, Shikamaru asks about Kawaki, but he is not good enough to trace down Boruto accurately.

Mitsuki does not want Boruto to escape, and while they are pinpointing his location, Boruto explains that Code is Ohotsutsuki. Still, he received his karma from Ishiki, an Ohtsutsuki.

Out of the blue, Sumire asks Boruto if Karma is a mind-body transmission technique and tells him to answer using expressions and not to speak. On the other hand, Shikamaru is now locating their conversation with the help of Ino, and as it is unofficial, it will not be recorded.

Shikamaru connects with Boruto, and after short greetings, he warns Boruto to move from there as Mitsuki is coming to attack him, but he is too late. Mitsuki entraps Boruto using his snakes, but he manages to escape using his Flying Thunder God Technique.

Mitsuki goes face to face after an extensive period against Boruto, and they fight using all of the techniques in their arsenals. Boruto promises he will save everyone, including his master, Sasuke.

Mitsuki tells Botuto that his extermination is green-lit and not only from Konoha; this direction also comes from the Lands of Fire. Since Shikamaru is a Hokage, he cannot suspend his execution as he will become suspicious.

Boruto retreats to a point, far away enough not to let Kawaki track him while keeping in the 100-kilometer radius of Ino’s connecting technique. Mitsuki follows Boruto, and their anticipated battle finally begins.

There will be no break next month; Boruto TBV returns on February 20, 2024.

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