Criticism Emerges On ‘Nezuko’s Sexualiztion’ In Demon Slayer Anime

Published on January 13th, 2022

January 11 was a great day for anime fans. Attack on Titan final season premiered with an amazing episode, and Demon Slayer new episode also won the hearts of many. We finally saw Nezuko’s berserk form, where she grows a horn and gets lots stronger.

The hype for Demon Slayer, and Attack on Titan was huge, however, there was a community on social media who was not happy how Nezuko was shown in the recent episode. According to them, Nezuko is still a child, and showing excessive skin is not good.

A Twitter user wrote

I understand that she can adjust her body (apparently in many ways), but sexualizing a minor just for fan-service is something I will never understand from Japan (not just in Kimetsu no Yaiba, by the way)

Source: Twitter

Another Demon Slayer fan said:

I don’t care what Nezuko’s design looks like, whether it shows more or less skin on the original. There is no excuse to sexualize her, she is a minor. Seriously, what the hell is going through their heads to make them think it’s okay to sexualize a minor? Some of his comments are certainly unpleasant

I never thought the day would come where people sexualizaría to Nezuko, but we’re here. I mean, Nezuko is one of the cutest characters and he doesn’t deserve to be done that to him

Some idiots saw a minor with a mature body and suddenly they think it is okay to sexualize him … Nezuko is 14 years old

Source: Twitter

As you can see from the above Tweet, and the number of likes on these Tweets suggests that there are significant people who think that there is a problem with over sexualization in anime that needs to be addressed. Although, anime is always like that, but now that the medium has expanded worldwide, and new fans have come to the community, it is understandable that this criticism appears time to time.

This criticism of foreign anime fans also reached Japanese fans via a popular blog, and after seeing the comments, it looks like they are not bothered by the criticism. What are your thoughts on this criticism? Let us know your opinion in the comments section. Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc episode 7 will be released on January 16, 2022.

Source: Twitter

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102 thoughts on “Criticism Emerges On ‘Nezuko’s Sexualiztion’ In Demon Slayer Anime

      1. I don’t see why they are getting mad about it I looked some stuff up about that one demon girl in the new season and it says that was 12

      2. I hope you know according to Japanese law, in most part of Japan age for consent is 13. So she’s not a minor.

      3. Get over it. It isn’t “ok?” Hearing junk like is like saying if you watch a movie with a gas powered car you don’t support climate change! See the problem? You understand what I am saying?

        1. Thank you bro. I mean Gon was wearing a hole crop top and had some pretty short shorts as well. And Gon is 12 Nezuko is 14 so whats the problem?

      1. Nah, Twitter Westerns always come with stupid tweet ever, every anime. For me, that nezuko are same as in manga, they only watch anime and not manga, if they try make it look different, just go ask author and anime studio. If they can, bruh

    1. Well shes a child. Shes wearing small clothes. She can grow big or too big for her clothes maybe thats why a slight show of skin. Oh well i dont care its still anime.

      1. Bruh why taking it so seriously , it’s just an anime nd btw she is not a human anymore .Well that’s transformation is pretty simple for a demon.

    2. It’s twitter you can’t really expect anything else lmao Twitter hates anything that’s breaths can’t expect them to have any type of intelligence in anything they discuss about.

    3. I agree. Who cares what they do to her looks. It’s the creators that get to choose. So to quote XPLAY “Don’t like it? Don’t watch”

  1. I think it was a good episode i have no problem with the criticism tbh I think it was okay i suppose in many other animes the same thing happens and no one speak about them so why are people speaking about this it is one of the best animes i have ever seen and tbh I don’t think it was revealing

    1. This is not the only anime that has done this, why are these “fans” so surprised by this? Plus, the manga provides way more information than that of the anime. Also for the people tweeting, Nezuko is a female or She. Not he. So get the pronouns correct.

  2. These people just make everything sound so serious. And whether she would have had that exposed skin or not, people who sexualised her would have still done it. As for me it was a badass scene which I liked

    1. This whole argument is dumb. It’s in the Manga and no had a problem with that. And it’s not like the episode was just focusing on that particular part. It was a good episode

  3. Im give a piece of advice from the majority of anime fans that people like giving now a days….”If you don’t like it, don’t watch”….end doe story

  4. How funny it was written like this in manga and the people who are taking this as sexualization id say PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR MENTALLITY you dumbasses it was written like this and it has to be animated like this and we know she can change herself and to say more some of the fans sexualized her from the beginning!!and now they’re showing it yall are hype huh? Try improving your mentally just that’s all

  5. How funny. it was written like this in manga and the people who are taking this as sexualization id say PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR MENTALLITY you dumbasses it was written like this and it has to be animated like this and we know she can change herself and to say more some of the fans sexualized her from the beginning!!and now they’re showing it. yall are hype huh? Try improving your mentally just that’s all

  6. I also thought that the anime come in now days are full of sexualizing for fresh example ‘Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru’. so,I think it need to be lower

      1. She’s 13 in Japan 13 is not minor WTF you talking about mate. taking too serious about animations if you have a child DON’T LET HIM/HER WATCH THIS KIND OF Animations.

  7. The manga shows that Nezuko can change her age and physical size at will, seems part of her demonic powers. That’s what she does to fit in Tanjiro’s box, she reverts to being two or three years old, and it seems this transformation caused her to grow into a young adult woman, so much that she didn’t fit her kimono anymore…

    1. Weird that you justify the sexualization of minors. And have no real argument for why they’re sexualizing her. Creep.

  8. Easy answer, this is just silly. Nezuko is a fictional character, her maturing her physical body for a Power-Up should be the least of anyone’s concerns when reading about her in her fictional world. A world that is also filled to the brim with dark themes, excessive gore and violence.

  9. I understand what they are saying, but this has been happening in anime for pretty much decades. The recent outburst, in my opinion, is a little to sensitive. I’m not saying that sexualizing minors is good, but at this point why say anything? And honestly, I dont think it’s that bad considering they didn’t leave her in loli form.

    1. Also, they didn’t show that much skin for an anime character. At least we don’t see her in a two piece bikini, or in some lingerie.

    2. I think the whole sentiment is coming from how nezuko is portrayed in anime .She has been always been like a little sister to every anime fan . That’s why there overprotective brother side is coming out to surface.
      I can understand both sides of argument.
      I also think the same way. When I saw the episode I thought she looked badass, but now that they are pointing out sexual content I am also thinking to put some more clothes on my sister.

    1. Right lol ppl really out here paying attention to what color of underwear they got on like it’s just a show dam 😂 if yu don’t like it don’t watch it because no one trying to hear all y’all perverted ppl complaining it’s your dirty minds fault that starts thinking like that sow if yu wanna be mad at some one be mad at your self for thinking sow wrong it’s just an animated show . And if yu still wanna complain about this detail just suck on a Limon that will help you calm down lmfaoo smh

      1. For does complaining about this stupid detail go read a book y’all really finna fuck up this show the same way they did to all de classic shows talking about the have to be child friendly and then they ask why kids of this year are such pussies if yu don’t like it don’t watch it , y’all should know the world docent rotate around y’all not everything has to go your way or please yu , just grow up shut up and turn of your TV or phone , for does complaining that’s your solution your welcome.

  10. Actually, as a manga reader I already knew this transformation before hand and I was excited cus we finally get to see another side of nezuko than just cute, can’t we all just appreciate that? For Petes sake all demons are hot and don’t you guys realize that some 14 year olds are now wearing lots of clothes that show lots of skin?

    1. That is true 14 yr old like wearing booty shorts especially in gym and I seen it a lot even some of the 14 yr old was wearing thongs and g string and I remember seeing that while changing in the gym changing room

    2. You know how demon’s don’t age?

      I just found out that Daki, UpperMoon 6, was 13 when she turned… So, she’s basically the same as Nezuko. A child turned into a demon and can turn into an adult, except the latter just remains an adult.

      Also, I don’t see a problem about this? People literally sexualize Ray and Norman who are younger than Nezuko from Promised Neverland. I heard of it by some of my school mates also. Including, Killua from HunterxHunter.

      People also didn’t mind when it was just in the manga. I’ll admit she’s hot in this scene, but that’s because of how badass she looks and is. Not only that, why they focussing on her body! It’s the watchers’ fault. This is literally a fight scene!

  11. 1. I dont think the majority of people started lusting over Nez’s more feminine physique more so than any other female character in DS.
    2. A teenager loosing limbs and kicking skulls in after being pretzeled in a woodbox all day didnt trigger getting eaten by demons didnt trigger anyone. 3 boys bring dressed as and impersonating women didnt trigger anyone… so why the outrage now?
    3. Inosuke doesn’t wear a shirt at all.

  12. When are these people going to learn how to separate fantasy from reality. Maybe their parents should have paid a little more attention to them.

  13. Who tf think that they’re opinions important like wtf bruvv anime is just a product of an infinite imaginations.
    Get yourself and make one then kill yourself.

  14. It only natural in animes to boost up the physique for character development,if you guys think that’s sexualizing, wouldn’t it mean it’s only because of they way you think. Ya sexualizing a minor isn’t appropriate in any manner.. But that’s not always the case

  15. I agree to most of the part, they shouldn’t sexualize Nezuko just because she car grow her body. She is still a child who was shown as an innocent character trying to protect her family

  16. This is just sad, people unable to tell the difference between Fiction and Reality.

    It’s a drawing, no one is getting hurt. They cry about all of the anime out there that does this but fail to cry about the real children being used in human trafficking.

    Get your heads out of your asses and wake up, know the difference between the two and fight to stop the real enemy.

  17. It already disgusting to see sexual views of creators in movies and television series, what had anime learnt from this that they too have to show Nezuko that way…
    Seriously it’s bad of demon slayer creators to bring dirt like this in a such a greatly rated anime

    1. You know it was like that in the manga right? It’s nothing sexualized about that scene, she just grew into adult women with some of her clevage out. You do realize like every female demon are like 14 or younger right. So it’s nothing to complain about if such a big problem just don’t watch the show but as matter of fact, look up the fight in the manga you’ll see the same fucking thing!

  18. Western fans are the worst thing ever that happened to anime. How much time do we have left until Twitter voices of some liberal gaijins will be too loud to ignore by the creators and it will affect anime? I mean if you don’t like something you can watch something else, especially if everything else besides anime is pandering to your beliefs.

    1. You know it was like that in the manga right? It’s nothing sexualized about that scene, she just grew into adult women with some of her clevage out. You do realize like every female demon are like 14 or younger right. So it’s nothing to complain about if such a big problem just don’t watch the show but as matter of fact, look up the fight in the manga you’ll see the same fucking thing!

    1. Fictional characters don’t have real age. It just drawing with made up age

      Does Nezuko body look like young girl ?? She has big boobs and hips. I can easily draw same picture and then say this character is 18 or 20 years. She can easily pass as adult based on her appearance

      Also, sexualization fictional character (regardless of age) does not cause any harm for any actual person. It should not be treated same way as sexualizeing a real child

  19. She transformed into an adult, like, what do ya’ll want? For her to stay flat? Is that ‘un-sexualized’ enough for you? They get offended over everything without taking into account the context, she became an ADULT. She’s not being sexualized its just how the female body works, was anyone in the show, talking about it? Was anyone looking at it? Blushing? Getting all worked up over it? NO THERE WASN’T. She just fcking grew boobs because she turned into an adult, I’m a woman myself and I don’t even understand what you’re getting so worked up about. If they’re putting boobs on her fourteen year old form ok get mad. But she became an adult and even in that form nobody in the show was sexualizing her for it. Since someone brought up consent I’m just gonna mention it as well. You can’t use that consent excuse of “oH The AgE oF ConSenT iS 13 bLa BlA Bla” because theres NOTHING to consent to. Nobody’s doing anything to her. She. Just. Grew. Boobs. Ok lets say its fanservice as you say. Anime will ALWAYS have fanservice wether you like it or not get it through your thick righteous skulls, also, sever reality from fiction, you’re getting delusioned over it. And what talks about the mangaka? This is their story they can do whatever the hell they want. And they’re not even harming anyone. Hell how do you even know if this is fanservice? How do you know that this isn’t just the mangaka following the anatomy of a grown female body? You just want something to get offended over so you’re nitpicking every little detail and dragging everyone with you to the pit so shut up.

  20. This is honestly stupid nezuko is a fictional character and this season is already being censored on many things demon slayer wasn’t mean to be a kids show it isn’t even a kids shoe in fact but since its gained a lot of popularity there are unrealistic expectations on it. This show is about SLAYING demons demons don’t get mad when the studio wants to stay faithful to the manga.

  21. Those tweets are dumb. Bringing up nonsense topic. Plus Nezuko design is fine just like in manga. 1:1 accurate. And why ‘triggered’ with non living things appearance? Don’t they have ‘better’ thing to tweet? Great start for 2022. People need to tweet about nonsense literally everyday and I’m tired of them. People are ‘sick’.

  22. She had an adult body before becoming a demon She just stays in the small form because it’s less of a drain honestly they need to accept it or find a different show.

  23. Omg. I bet all of them are children, they ruin everything for the rest of us that actually enjoy the anime, it’s called anime for a reason no young child should be watching anime, what’s wrong with an anime character showing off some skin? Nobody complained when Tanjiro had his shirt off.

  24. What shameful people. Sick minds. Instead of seeing the bond of brother sister they are noticing this. Human body is a part every character. Also she is a demon I want her to destroy these demons talking shit about her.
    Tanjiro or any brother would kick your ass for doing this😡

  25. All the comments that are saying it’s sexualizing a minor are girls 😑😑😒 just like real life always have complains …stfu u didn’t make the movies or episode stop this bullshit …stop complianing and just appreciate the work man geez 😒😑…btw one of the best animated series in my collection 🔥🔥

  26. Everyone is mad that they sexualized her but the fact is in Japan the age of consent is 13 years old so it makes sense that Japan writers would draw/animate characters this way.

  27. Why do people even consider this “sexualizing?” It’s a pretty common thing for girls to have curves, and just because they are shown doesn’t mean they’re meant to be viewed sexually. Yes, sexualization of girls’ bodies is sadly very common in the media, but I don’t think that’s the case here. The growth is part of her demon powers. She’s a fictional character.

  28. Lmao and gon from hunterhunter being ripped as fuck is okay?

    I don’t really get why they’re so offended by a piece of drawing like… Grow up will ya

    1. But the whole fighting scene was literally epic bruh it’s literally normal for nezuko to grow up and look that badass cuz it’s literally her ability as a demon and it’s not the animators fault it’s the watcher’s fault to focus on her body and think that way cuz if the watcher actually focused on the fight bruh the fighting animation was hella legendary

  29. In episode 1 of 2 Nezuko have let she boobs get see to so why and she not 14 already 17 year old and what i see it just some of skin on boobs not see it more so it ok.But if you don’t like the stly in anime you just stop watch it ok no need to criticism the crarakter ok.And sry if my english is not good.

  30. Okay it’s fine….
    Prople think It’s wrong to sexualize her? No problem, they prolly would react the same way when a real human being get sexualize the same way.
    And some think it’s fine to sexualize her? Okay no problem, she’s just a moving drawing afterall, hopefully their mentality narrows a little when it happens to a person.
    People’s mentality “usually” reflect on what they think or say.
    Pedophiles do exists and sometimes saying it’s okay on such little issues sometimes unintentionally encourages them. We should becareful what we say on the internet, a sentence can change a person’s thinking so easily, people have become sensitive and easy to manipulate.

  31. So what is wrong if woman get sexualized ??

    As I man, I love to show my muscles and get sexualized.

    Also, why a lot of women (specially in west) dress little clothes ?? Why a lot of woman wear very short skirts and show their cleavage ??? Because women like to be appear sexy ? right ?

    So, some people cry about cartoon women getting sexualized when many real women in the street already sexualize themselves !!!

  32. Sigh …. She developed that body because her demon cells tries to develop her into its ultimate form … For her to get breasts doesnt automatically sexualize her thats insane and actually says alot about the mentality of many people. When she was raging in the first ep it was a more grotesque form but this new form is supposed to show how she controls it as best as possible. There is no sexual gesturing or behavior… She is angry more than ever and people still get these thoughts smh wow

  33. Most people are saying this is bad and so on and also not realising the fact that another character (inosuke ) walks around with no shirt oh and also people ignored the cross dressing if people can ignore all that then why do they point at a girl who matured herself to be at her peak to fight a fair fight

  34. Well I guess we should ban teens from wearing bathing suits. This is rediculous I’ve seen young people wearing far more revealing clothes then this. People can’t normalize the human body they shouldn’t consider themselves as progressive thinkers. Oh well it’s not like a few Americans quiting the show has any effect on japanese animations.

  35. You know her whole power about growing bigger and smaller is basically changing her age from a child to an adult also she is 14 years old and in Japan 14 years old is legal age so stop being a b****

  36. All the critics are dumb just because nezuko grew breast u are all making a fuss about it mean while must of u watch
    porn/hentai……apart from that i like the anime so stop being critics and give the
    anime a good review

  37. Didn’t even have to read the article to know the outrage is on Twitter. I feel some Twitter users just watch tv and anime so that they can find something to be angry about

  38. Being Criticizing over animation it’s not even real.
    and also nezuko is 13, in japan 13 years of age is not minor… if you hate this kind of Animation DON’T WATCH!

  39. What people clearly don’t know here, as it’s not/hasn’t been addressed yet in the Anime afaik, is that this form of hers isn’t just a “bigger” version, it’s literally an Adult Nezuko. Demons been transforming into all sorts of things since the start and this one is quite literally just Nezuko forcefully transforming into an adult version of herself to gain the power she needs to protect Tanjiro (think like Gon in Hunter x Hunter where he forcefully aged himself to gain power to defeat Pitou, it’s made up, they can do shit like this in Anime and Manga).

    So sure, Nezuko is a 13 year old, but this image of her is an Adult Nezuko, aged 13 years old, in the body of a probably twenty-something year old.

    There are a lot of very glaring examples of over sexualization of minors in Anime and Manga, not a huge fan of that myself but people need to stop attacking it where it isn’t happening, like right here!!

  40. I think that there’s nothing wrong with Nezuko’s transformed character design. Her transformation is meant to imply that her body has grown due to demon powers. Besides, she’s a fictional character so no one is being taken advantage of in actuality. What’s wrong however is people seeing it in a sexual light. People can have boobs and not be sexual, y’know.

  41. Everyone on here saying that its okay its just an anime and all this other crap are just weird pedos that live in their mothers basement. Shes 14 if you say its okay its cause you like looking at little girls sexualized.

  42. Even if someone is above age of consent they can still be a minor? A minor is someone below age 18 afaik.
    I could be wrong.
    When it comes to debating sexualization of minors in anime, there are a lot of questionable shows but this ain’t it. Nezuko transforming into an adult for a fight scene where nobody is being sexually inappropriate towards her.
    Some of the people defending this version of Nezuko honestly just makes it sound worse. “14 i legal age in Japan” just isn’t a great argument, even if it would be legal age it is still a child, is it not?
    If a veiny rage face with fangs about to rip you into shreds is sexy to you then ah, I don’t know, I think she looks bad ass af.

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