[Delayed] Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Spoilers, Release Date & Raw Scans

Published on November 30th, 2021

After multiple back-to-back weeks of amazing chapters with beautiful artworks and fights, DNC Webtoon has announced that the Solo Leveling manhwa will not be releasing this week. Instead, postponing the chapter to next week.

We have more information about the postponement as well as a recap of the previous chapter to catch you up to speed down below, so be sure to keep reading!

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date and Trailer, Adaptation Confirmed?

Chapter 175 Recap

Chapter 175 kicks off with the continuation of the Sung Jin-Woo vs Antares. The Shadow monarch vs the monarch of Destruction. The fight that will decide this entire war. Antares who had been angered the chapter before this starts off by transforming into his dragonic form and shooting beams of fire at our hero, who is flying around on the back of his Knight ranked shadow dragon, Kaisel.

As the beams of fire barely miss thanks to all of Kaisel’s ducking, SJW thinks that just one of those beams are enough to injure him and probably kill a shadow warrior. Tired of his dodging Antares uses Dragon’s Roar freezing Kaisel and Sung Jin-Woo in place. As Antares prepares to hit them both with a beam of fire Kaisel sacrifices himself and uses the last of his will to fling Jin-Woo away from the blast.

Realizing he can’t win this fight by rushing in, our hero summons lower shadow dragons to keep Antares busy while he thinks. He strategizes on how he can win without getting hit with that Dragon’s Roar and attack combo. As he thinks Jin-Woo realizes to win he needs some type of armor.

Beginning to visualize his armor Jin-Woo actually starts to pull the darkness and shadows of the world to him as he tries to create an armor big enough that every living being on Earth can see it. Antares, who has since killed the shadow warriors sees this and says to himself that this human has brought the power of death itself down to Earth and is controlling it.

Realizing how much of a threat he is Antares thinks to himself once more. “I must kill this bastard before he becomes too powerful.” Rushing forward at our hero to attack, Sung Jin-Woo does the same, now in his enormous Shadow Armor form. The chapter ends right as the two most powerful monarchs are about to collide together.

Release Date

As mentioned, the release date for this chapter has been delayed a week. Chapter 176 was expected to release, Wednesday, December 1st. However, DNC Webtoon has announced that due to them having to improve the quality of the chapter, chapter 176 will be delayed a week.

Meaning that the release date for chapter 176 is now, Wednesday, December 8th, 2021.

Release Time

The official English translation for chapter 176 will still be available at the usual times, except just a week later. Meaning that the new times are as followed, until further news,

Central Daylight Time: 11 AM on Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021

Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM on Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021

Eastern Daylight Time: Noon on Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021

British Summer Time: 5 PM on Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021


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Where To Read

Solo Leveling’s English translation is available officially on the Tapas site. Alternatively, if you wish to stay up to date with the latest chapters as they release in Korean. Then you can follow the manhwa on Tappy Toon.

Also check out our latest article on Solo Leveling, where we discuss if an anime adaptation is possible. You can read that right here.

Tell us what you think of this latest chapter in the comments below. We will be back next week with even more Solo Leveling content so stay tuned till then.

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