Ghibli’s New Film, ‘How Do You Live?’ – The Highest Budget Film In the Japanese Cinema Industry

Studio Ghibli has once again broken records and set new standards in the world of animation with the release of “How Do You Live?” Directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, this film has become the most expensive in Japanese cinema history.

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“How Do You Live?” is an animated film produced by Studio Ghibli and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Taking about seven years to complete, the film has earned approximately $430 million in revenue in its first month since its release in Japan.

Based on the 1937 novel of the same name, the film made history by being released without any promotional material in Japan. However, before the U.S. premiere, the studio revealed some official pictures, indicating that despite the passage of many years, Studio Ghibli has maintained its unique animation style, which has become its identity.

The story of “How Do You Live?” is set in England during the Second World War era. It follows a young boy named Mahito, who, after losing his mother in a fire, moves to the countryside with his father and stepmother. There, he discovers a mysterious tower that transports him to a magical world. In this new realm, he encounters friends and foes and undergoes a journey of self-discovery.

Highest Budget Japanese Film Ever

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Producer Toshio Suzuki appeared on the YouTube channel @yukisakimitei, where he revealed that “How Do You Live?” is likely the highest-budget movie ever made in Japan. The previous record-holder was “The Tale of Princess Kaguya,” with a budget of $49 million.

Although Suzuki did not reveal the total production cost, he told the host, “I think this film probably cost more to make than any other film ever made in Japan,” to which the co-stars responded with surprised voices, exclaiming, “That much?” He further explained that he wanted to make the movie without a deadline, leading to the 7-year completion time.

When asked about why there was no promotion for the film, Suzuki said that it was a gamble. That he has been making movies for so long, and he wanted to change how movies are made and promoted. He wanted to make the movie without a deadline, but then he thought about what would happen to Hayao Miyazaki if the movie took that long.

Studio executive Toshio Suzuki has mentioned that Miyazaki is working on the film for his grandson as his way of saying, “Grandpa is moving onto the next world soon, but he is leaving behind this film.”

U.S. Premiere Details

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The exact release date for “How Do You Live?” in the U.S. remains undisclosed. However, the U.S. premiere is scheduled to take place at the New York Film Festival (NYFF), with Studio Ghibli partnering with GKIDS to bring the film to screens across the nation later this year.

The 61st edition of the NYFF will be held from September 29th to October 15th, but the specific screening date for the film has not yet been revealed.

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