Hajime Isayama Says He Is Aware of Attack on Titan Controversial Ending

Hajime Isayama, the author of the Attack on Titan manga, will attend this year’s Anime NYC convention in November. This will be Isayama’s first appearance in any public event in the United States. On November 18, he will conduct an autograph signing. On November 19, he will then discuss Attack on Titan on the Main Stage of the convention.

attack on titan isayama ending

Attack on Titan manga readers will be aware that the series ending was quite controversial, and it became so disliked to the point that some fans gathered to draw their own version of the manga ending. It looks like the controversy surrounding the ending also reached the creator of the series.

Prior to Isayama’s appearance at the Anime NYC convention, he had a special message for fans, admitting that he is aware of Attack on Titan’s controversial ending, and he is prepared to hear people’s opinions, but at the same time, he asked fans to be kind to him.

Kodansha shared the Isayama’s special message, which writes:

To the fans of the Attack on Titan manga & anime, Attack on Titan was heavily influenced by Hollywood movies, TV shows, and American culture, so I am excited to meet fans from the place where I’ve always dreamed of going. I am aware that the ending of Attack on Titan was quite controversial. I am open to receiving people’s honest opinions. However, I would appreciate it if you’d be kind to me. I am both hopeful and anxious about coming to Anime NYC, but I am certainly looking forward to it.

The creator of the hit anime and manga series also shared a new illustration featuring Levi, Eren, Mikasa and Armin, who appear to be visiting NewYork. Eren can be seen enjoying a hotdog, while Armin is busy eating Pizza.

Early in November, Anime NYC will provide details on the signing and panel tickets. Isayama will visit France in January 2023.

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Why Attack on Titan Ending Is Controversial (Spoilers)?

After this Isayama’s message, all the doubts have been cleared that the ending of the series was in fact controversial, and in the end, not every reader was satisfied. Here are a few major reasons that divided the fans at the end of the manga.

In the last arc, there were two major factions in Paradise. First was led by Eren, who wanted to annihilate all of the world (using Colossal Titan’s power) to save Paradise. The Second faction was led by Hanji, who, although wanted to save Paradise Island, did not agree with Eren’s actions.

A civil war broke out between the two teams, and despite Eren, having the power to stop anyone (Destroy) his enemies at any given moment, Hanji’s faction came out on top without too many major losses. 20 per cent of the world was saved from Rumbling, but it didn’t end well for Paradise.

All was fine for a few years, but in the last panels of the manga, we see Paradise getting destroyed as the rest of the world did not forget the crimes of Eren Yeager. Fans who are not satisfied with the ending, argue that there is no moral in the end as all the sacrifice of Eren to protect Paradise Island was wasted.

Attack on Titan’s final season, which was picked up by Mappa Studio, will release the final part (part 3) of the anime series in 2023.

Attack on Titan, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, 36, ended in 2021 after 34 volumes. The Wit Studio picked the manga series for an anime adaptation, and the first season of the anime was aired in 2013. In 2018, after animating the first 3 seasons, Wit Studio was unable to continue animating the Attack on Titan series for a variety of reasons.

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