Heavenly Delusion Will Reportedly Get A Second Season

In a reassuring turn for fans, “Heavenly Delusion” is not expected to be one of those anime series that fade into oblivion after just one season.

Among the ocean of new anime releases in the Spring of 2023, “Heavenly Delusion” has made its debut. This anime adaptation, set against a post-apocalyptic backdrop, is based on a manga series by the same name written and drawn by Masakazu Ishiguro and published in the Afternoon Magazine by Kodansha.

Even though it is preliminary, the anime adaptation gained multiple positive reviews from critics and fans alike. As of writing this article, the anime’s final episode is set to air on the 24th of June, 2023.

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Information About Season 2

The credible leaker Oceuf, who gained over 10k+ followers for his accurate leaks, claimed Heavenly Delusion would have a second season.

Though at the current state of manga’s monthly release schedule and the anime is about to end, it is worth speculating that the sequel will not arrive anytime soon. For the anime, Studio Production I.G. will probably retake the role for animating season 2 due to its success.

Which Arcs Will Season 2 Adapt?

As of the 12 episodes available, Heavenly Delusion has adapted the first 32 chapters of the manga. The manga has currently serialized more than 50 chapters.

The anime has adapted the first two major arcs of the manga, The Takahara Academy Arc, which lasts from Chapters 1 to 12 of the manga, and The Outside Arc, which lasts from Chapters 13-32. The anime’s first season will end with The Outside Arc.

The second season of the anime will cover the A.I. Arc, starting from chapter 33, and is still being published. If you are caught up with the anime and can not wait for the second season, you can begin the Heavenly Delusion manga from chapter 33.

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What are the expectations for Season Two?

Although the anime has been confirmed by a credible leaker, studio Production I.G. still has yet to make an official announcement.

Production I.G. might take a long time to announce the second season of Heavenly Delusion, as they are working on many other projects like Kaiju No. 8 and the final movie two films of Haikyuu!!.

The first season of the anime will end on the 24th of June, 2023, and hopefully, we will get an official announcement after the first season finale.

What Is Heavenly Delusion?

Heavenly Delusion is an anime that is set in a post-apocalyptic world in the far future; AI has taken over the world. The AI has created a walled-off city called “The Takahara Academy,” where children are raised safely and without any knowledge of the outside world.

The story follows a boy from the Takahara Academy named Maru, who possesses a strange ability that allows him to see the future. One day, Maru Meets Kiruko, a mysterious girl who is on a journey to reach “Heaven.”

Now on a journey together, Maru and Kiruko find themselves entangled in the AI conspiracy.

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