Hunter x Hunter Author Signals Fresh Start with ‘Start Over’ Tweet

Hunter x Hunter’s creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, seems to be back at the drawing board, according to a recent tweet.

hunter x hunter manga update

Togashi is renowned not just for his compelling storytelling but also for the numerous hiatuses that have punctuated the series over the years.

Togashi became active on X (formerly Twitter) in 2022 and, after a four-year break, announced his return to complete the manga.

Despite battling severe health issues and back pain for over a decade, Togashi has chosen to continue the story. He also mentioned that although he’s back, he still can’t sit or stand for extended periods.

In October 2022, Weekly Shonen Jump published 10 new Hunter x Hunter chapters, ending a four-year hiatus.

However, after the release of chapter 400, both the author and the magazine went silent about future updates.

Fans’ hopes were reignited when Togashi tweeted in March 2023 that chapter 401 was complete. However, disappointment set in when the manga was moved to the archive section of Weekly Shonen Jump.

A press release stated that future chapters would be released in a different format, no longer on a weekly basis. No further updates have been provided.

Author Is Back To Start Over

Just as fans were beginning to lose hope, Togashi returned to Twitter with a tweet showing a manuscript captioned “Start Over.”

After seven months of no updates, fans are thrilled to see that Togashi’s health appears to be improving.

Another interesting thing to note is that this is the first time, the author has Tweeted entirely in English. Seems like he is aware of his international audience.

It seems Togashi is feeling better and is back with renewed energy. While the release schedule for chapter 401 and subsequent chapters remains unknown, it’s heartening to see the author active once more.

The shift from a weekly to a non-weekly format may have been a blessing in disguise for Togashi, allowing him more time to focus on his health.

His recent tweet garnered over five million views within the first hour, proving the enduring popularity of Hunter x Hunter despite its frequent hiatuses.

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