Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Higurama Captures Sukuna

Jujutsu Kaisen manga series has returned yet again this week, and chapter 244 spoilers have surfaced on the internet.

jujutsu kaisen chapter 244 spoilers

The battle between Takaba and Kenjaku has been on a long and unexpected run. Considering how unexpected the fight was, seeing a comedian fight against the strongest sorcerer was a treat.

As all things must conclude, Takaba and Kenjaku’s fight reached the climax in the previous chapter. But right at the end, Yuta arrived and decapitated Kenjaku in a flash. However, Kenjaku is still alive, and his “Will” will continue.

Here are the Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 244 Spoilers!

All of the spoilers are a courtesy of @Myamura on Twitter/X!

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

According to the spoilers, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 244 will be titled “Shinjuku Showdown Part – 16,” it begins with shifting the focus toward Higurama and Yuji approaching Sukuna.

jjk chapter 244

Suddenly, we are welcomed with a flashback of all the sorcerers meeting and finalizing their plans.

The sorcerers plan to take down Kenjaku by distracting him with Yuta’s help. This plan would only progress if Gojo loses.

About the battle against Sukuna, Kusakabe says they need to choose who will fight and who will not. Kashimo suggests that everyone should jump in and fight, as it is an all-out war.

Kusakabe reveals that Miwa cannot fight against Sukuna as she made a binding vow in Shibuya never to swing her sword again.

Kamo was also present in the meeting and apologized for not participating in the mission, as he needed to watch over his family.

So, Kamo leaves the country with his family for a safer place. Kusakabe says that those who are ready to die and those who can use RCT can fight. Yuji tries to console Kamo as he says he is not much help and that he can learn many things from him.

Higurama says he will get on the battleground after Kashimo and confiscate Sukuna’s CT with his own. If Sukuna receives the death penalty, he can fight using the Executioner’s Sword.

Kashimo interferes in between and says that he is getting pissed as everyone thinks he will lose. Hakari says that it is just an assumption. Kusakabe asks if Higurama can put up the death penalty on Sukuna.

Yuji replies that it is all in the hands of the Judge, and Higurama cannot do anything himself. There might be a chance that Sukuna reveals the death penalty as Sukuna has shifted hosts three times, and each time he has killed multiple people.

Higurama then summarizes all of Sukuna’s crimes. After taking over Megumi’s body, Sukuna could be charged with harming and ultimately killing Megumi or stealing a dead body. This all depends on the state in which Megumi is.

Higurama explains how the sentencing could work: 1 murder equals 10-15 years in prison. 2 murders equals a life sentence or the death penalty. Three or more murders can lead to a direct death penalty.

Kusakabe says if it follows the rule of ordinary judgment, Sukuna can be given the death penalty. Unfortunately, in Higurama’s CT, the Judgeman only picks up one crime and charges a penalty one at a time.

There is a chance that Sukuna’s crimes from 1000 years ago might not work on pre-reincarnated Sukuna. If Higurama thinks it is impossible, so will his CT, the judgeman. But Higurama says he does not know which of Sukuna’s CTs will be confiscated.

Yuji’s mind clicks, and he says there might be a way to get Sukuna the death penalty. The flashback ends, and the focus shifts toward the fight, where we see Mei Mei crows sitting near Sukuna, but they get destroyed immediately.

jjk 244 manga leaks

The fight begins, and Higurama attacks with his giant hammer, which destroys Sukuna’s stance.

Yuji slashes the debris into smaller pieces and sends them flying towards Sukuna. Higurama manages to bind Sukuna’s weapon.

jujutsu kaisen manga leaks

Yuji lands a heavy punch on Sukuna and shakes his whole body. Sukuna wonders what his new power is.

Higurama finally opens his domain against Sukuna. Yuji reveals that he and Higurama can use the trial from when they both fought Sukuna.

jjk manga 244

The chapter concludes with Higurama beginning the trial against Yuji and Sukuna, where the Judgeman accuses Yuji of being a mass murderer. Right before the end, Higurama defends Yuji.

No break next week, Jujutsu Kaisen will return on December 3, 2023.

The much-awaited trial has begun, and this might just be Sukuna’s end. Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read on the Mangaplus app and Viz Media’s website!

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