Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 246 Spoilers: Choso Marks his Return!

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 246 spoilers have been leaked, and it seems Gege-sensei always loves to end the chapters on cliffhangers.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 246 spoilers

The final battle continues. After Yuta decapitated Kenjaku, the focus shifted from Yuta to the battle between the sorcerers and Sukuna.

Higurama and Yuji have teamed up to defeat Sukuna, and in the previous chapter, Higurama managed to entrap Sukuna in his domain, and the trial began.

However, the trial ended up being Sukuna’s favor as the Judgeman confiscated Sukuna’s cursed weapon instead of technique. This led everyone to jump onto the battlefield without realizing Sukuna still had his disastrous slash technique.

Here are the awaited Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 246 spoilers!

All of the spoilers are a courtesy of @Myamura on Twitter/X!

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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 246 Spoilers:

The chapter begins with Higurama cursing himself for lacking experience in the battle, while Kusakabe uses his simple domain.

Sukuna begins to analyze the situation and realizes everyone’s Cursed Energy techniques have improved remarkably. However, it is not as much as his domain amplification. Kusakabe tried to dilute Sukuna’s CT and mitigate the damage.

Kusakabe realizes that not all of Sukuna’s slashes are “The slashes that cut the world.” While Kusakabe has some explicit information on Sukuna’s cleave and dismantle, he wonders why he did not use Fire.

Sukuna used Fire to exorcise Jogo in the Shibuya Incident arc, which was the last time he used it. Higurama apologizes as Judgeman only confiscated Sukuna’s Cursed Weapon instead of CT, although he managed to get him the death penalty.

Kusakabe encourages Higurama and says they can end Sukuna together using the Executioner sword, and Kusakabe will protect Higurama to death.

Suddenly, Choso steps in and tries to attack Sukuna, but he immediately disappears and pierces Choso with both of his hands. Ino attacks Sukuna with Nanami’s dull blade, and Sukuna praises the attack as it is stronger than he expected, but then he kicks Ino away.

Kusakabe and Yuji make a joint attack, and Higurama tries to swing the Executioner sword. However, Sukuna managed to dodge and grab Higurama to beat him up.

Sukuna then thrashes Higurama away through rubble and moves toward him. Yuji tries to keep up with Sukuna, but someone screams at Yuji not to leave Higurama alone. However, Sukuna is too fast for Yuji to keep up with.

As Sukuna approaches Higurama, he slashes the whole building down where Higurama is hiding. A small flashback begins when the sorcerers discuss where Yuji says that Higurama’s CT effectively saves Megumi.

Higurama explains whoever is cut by the Executioner sword will die with no exceptions, but the death will only be limited to the death sentence.

Out of the blue, Yuji asks Higurama if he wants to die. To this, Higurama explains that he should fulfill his duty and die. Hearing this, Yuji tries to pursue him but fails to encourage him.

Higurama survived the slashes, and Sukuna understood that he used Domain Amplification to dilute his techniques.

The chapter concludes with Higurama’s Executioner sword emitting light and Sukuna being fascinated by his techniques.

Break next week, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 246 will be released on December 24, 2023.

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