Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Sukuna’s Fate Sealed?!

The anticipated Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263 spoilers have finally arrived!

Recently in an interview, Gege Akutami confirmed that Shinjuku Showdown is the series’ final arc and it’s heading toward the ultimate climax.

Things have been wrapping up, but the closure isn’t looking bright enough for our heroes as most characters are either out of action or dead.

At the end of the previous chapter, Inumaki used his cursed technique to stop Sukuna’s movement. And to his surprise, Yuta had already charged up Hollow Purple to put an end to his massacre once and for all.

Will Sukuna live or use another Binding Vow to slip away? Let’s find out.

Here are Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 264 spoilers.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

The chapter opens up with the Hollow Purple successfully hitting Sukuna, and his barrier ruptures. Sukuna backs away in fear as he learns how Yuta managed to destroy his domain barrier even though he is still not used to Hollow Purple.

Suddenly, for Yuta’s aid, Todo and Yuji return to the scene. They ask Yuta to use as much as Hollow Purple he can, and they will dodge it with Boogie Woogie. Now, Sukuna is once again in a state where his cursed technique is difficult to use.

Meanwhile, Yuta understands that Yuta has stopped haunting his body, and his control over Gojo’s body suddenly falls. This means Copy is no longer his, making limitless the burnt-out technique.

He wonders if there was a technique behind Kenjaku’s ability to use his technique right after Domain Expansion as he wants to deploy a barrier for Yuta and Todo’s sake. However, Todo understands Yuta has finally reached his limit.

Todo realizes why Sukuna is called the King of Curses, and how he does not let his offense up even in a situation like this. Sukuna rushes and hits Todo with a Black Flash, but this is a trap as Yuju suddenly exchanges places with him.

According to Todo, Yuta still has shards of cursed energy floating, and this is the perfect time to use their Boogie Woogie. Yuji and Todo go berserk over Sukuna as they hit him countless times.

Yuji hits perfect dismantles on Sukuna’s body, and Sukuna realizes Yuji is using Dismantle continuously between his and Fushigoro’s barrier. Now, Yuji hits Sukuna enough to make him throw up.

However, he still has a technique up his sleeve and he suddenly becomes active enough to dodge his attacks. Todo’s technique will not work until his spare Vibraslap is recognized as his left hand.

As soon as Todo tries to swap, it does not work anymore while Yuji and Sukuna go face to face. Suddenly, Hana arrives from above and stares at Sukuna. In a flashback, Yuta and Hana discuss using Jacob’s Ladder as the finishing move on Sukuna.

They decide to take an all-or-nothing gamble on splitting Sukuna and Fushigoro’s souls. At the end of the chapter, Hana hits Sukuna with Jacob’s Ladder once again, and it creates a massive blast.

There will be a break next week, and with this schedule, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 264 is slated to be released two weeks later on 28th July 2024.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 263 is scheduled to be released on 14th July 2024.

Chapter 263 of Jujutsu Kaisen will be available to read on Viz Media’s website and Mangaplus app.

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