Makoto Shinkai Storyboard Finished For The Next Film

Renowned Japanese director and writer, Makoto Shinkai recently shared a post on Twitter, revealing that the storyboard for his next film is finished, and it is now in the review process. The storyboard is a set of illustrations or images in sequence to visualize the story of the project.

“It’s a recent situation! I drew the content of the new movie, while crying every day (with a degree of pain), and finally I asked various people to see the completed one, received a lot of opinions, and even now I am crying every day (with a feeling of about) to correct it. It is very difficult for me to work on storyboard but I want to make a movie that you can enjoy” he wrote on Twitter

Makoto Shinkai started writing the story of his next film in December 2020. According to the director, his next film will have a post-apocalyptic theme with ex [blurring about “what happens after the end”.

In a previous interview he said:

“It is a story in which something so important happens that power itself is unable to affect it. When making this movie, I want a part of the people to think, “Somehow we will manage to get ahead, right?” CO*ID-19 is a large-scale disaster, but during our decades of life we ​​will experience many other forms of disasters as well. Many things in society have an end or a dramatic change, but even after that, people will continue to find ways to survive”

Makoto Shinkai is known for some of the greatest anime films like Weather With You, Your Name, and The Garden of Words.

Source: Makoto Shinkai Twitter

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