Michael B. Jordan meets One Punch Man Manga Artist

Michael B. Jordan, renowned for his role in the “Creed” series, had the opportunity to engage with Yusuke Murata, the artist behind the “One Punch Man” manga, during promotional activities for “Creed III.”

Michael B. Jordan x Saitama

Michael B. Jordan, following his recent visit to renowned animation house Studio Pierrot, has now met with Yusuke Murata, one of today’s leading manga artists.

Michael B. Jordan’s Trip to Japan

Michael B. Jordan had a trip to Japan for the premiere of his film “Creed III.” His trip to Japan has led him from visiting the producer of his favorite anime to meeting his favorite manga artist.

Yusuke Murata is a manga artist and animator known as the illustrator of One Punch Man, one of the best superhero manga ever.

Jordan and Murata’s Encounter

During their “unexpected” encounter, the two were able to share a meaningful conversation through an interview.

In the interview, Michael expressed his admiration for the anime series, One Punch Man, saying that “the series greatly influenced him.”

He shared some insights about One Punch Man, from how “the story is all about a hero’s journey” to how “it depicts the process of growth and development.”

Similarities between One Punch Man and Creed

On the other hand, Murata expressed his gratitude for the artist’s love for his masterpiece. He also remarked that “One Punch Man” and “Creed” have similarities regarding the protagonists’ positions.

He also pointed out the likeness of the two protagonists, particularly on how they can change the life of those they fight, be it a friend or an enemy.

Jordan also mentioned that he was asked what he prefers to play, a hero or a villain.

Unexpectedly, he wanted to play the “villain” because of the restrictions a hero has to consider, and their duty to “always choose what is right” sometimes dulls the role.

Murata shared that his favorite character from “Black Panther,” a movie by Michael, is “Killmonger,” who happens to be the film’s villain.

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Collaboration to Direct a Live-Action Anime

Moreover, the two also talked about collaboration to direct a film/ series.

The conversation started when Jordan mentioned how he was asked to direct a live-action anime and how he badly wanted to challenge himself.

Murata then said that he is looking forward to seeing him take on such a challenge, while Michael expressed his hopes to work and collaborate with talented people like Murata.

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