Mieruko Chan Episode 1 Release Time, Countdown & Watch Online

The horror comedy anime Mieruko Chan episode 1 will be released in a few hours. Mieruko Chan is also one of the most anticipated anime of Fall 2021.

Mieruko is an ordinary girl who suddenly gets an unwanted ability to see monster creatures surrounding them. Instead of running away or confronting them, she gathers all her courage to ignore them. Watch her day to day life as she tries to ignore these creatures and live her life normally.


A trailer for the anime adaptation was released on July 16, 2021.

Release Time

Mieruko Chan episode 1 is scheduled to be released on October 3rd at 10:00 PM (JST). The anime is listed with 10 episodes. The anime will be available on Funimation at the same time. Unfortunately, Mieruko Chan won’t be coming out to Crunchyroll platform.

Fans from South East Asia can watch this series for free on Muse Asia YouTube channel.

Here is the exact release time for the international audience:

Pacific Time (US & Canada): 6:00 AM (October 3rd)

Eastern Time: 9:00 AM (October 3rd)

Philippines Time: 9:00 PM (October 3rd)

India (New Delhi) Time: 6:30 PM (October 3rd)

Episode 1 Preview Images

Another most anticipated anime of Fall 2021, Mushoku Tensei is releasing today as well. Check out the first episode preview and release time here.


Mieruko Chan is produced by Studio Passione and the main cast includes some big names. Here is the cast announced for anime:

  • Sora Amamiya will be voicing Miko Yotsuya
  • Kaede Hondo will be voicing Hana Yurikawa
  • Ayane Sakura will be voicing Yuria Niguredo
  • Opening theme: “Mienaikara ne!?” sung by Sora Amamiya

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