Mushoku Tensei Series Could Get An Anime Film

Published on November 14th, 2021

November 12 was a big day for Mushoku Tensei fans. A new key visual was released alongside the announcement of an OVA releasing on March 16, 2022. A feature film in the Mushoku Tensei franchise was also hinted by the director of the series.

Yesterday’s live broadcast was made through YouTube and the Japanese platform Niconico. However, the YouTube version was incomplete. The paid subscription users of Niconico platform had access to some additional comments from the cast and staff. Someone asked the Mushoku Tensei anime director, Manabu Okamoto about the possibility of an anime film. The director said that depending upon the support of fans, an anime film could be produced.

Although the movie have not been officially announced, there is a real possibility of this happening. Some fans think that the volume 7 of Light Novel series will be the perfect story, if the anime film was greenlit. It should be pointed out that a previous leaked info have confirmed that 2 additional seasons are already in different phases of production.

On March 16, 2022, a special episode will be released featuring Eris Greyart. After coming to the holy land of Millis, Rudues and the party split up to get a vacation for a day. We saw that Rudy tried to Rescue a kid on his holiday resulting in a confrontation with his father, Pual. Eris wanted to slay some Goblins, so she went to a solo adventure. This OVA will adapt the story of that solo adventure of Eris.

A key visual was released for Mushoku Tensei 2nd car, featuring 2 new characters which will play a significant role in the later part of the series. Mushoku Tensei episode 16 will be released today, you can see preview images here.

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