My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With A Senior, So I… Is Pretty Successful In Japan

Shinden Mihiro’s romantic comedy light novel series “My girlfriend cheated on me with a senior, So I will cheat on her with his girlfriend” is an instant hit in Japan.

All the physical volumes of this revenge, romance light novel series have sold out after 1 week since the release. So, Kodakawa has announced an urgent reprint of volume 1. It was also decided that the light novel will get a 2nd volume, releasing next year.

The Kodakawa YouTube channel also released a promotional video for the light novel release on Dec 2nd.

Unfortunately, no English Publisher has picked up the light novel for the translation yet, so at this time, English translation isn’t available officially. However, the author of the series hopes that the English version will be available soon.

The series will be getting a manga adaptation as well, drawn by Amano Airando, based on the character designs drawn by Kagawa Ichigo (light novel illustrator). However, the release date for manga adaptation is not announced yet.


The protagonist, Yuu Isshiki is a first year university student. Soon he learns that his girlfriend “Karen” is having an affair with his senior “Kamokura”. He was so shocked and devastated that he asked Kamokura’s girlfriend (Who is the most beautiful girl on the campus) to have an affair with him. This is a thrilling romantic comedy that begins with cheating.

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