My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Spoilers: All For One’s Final Form

The death battle continues startingly, and My Hero Academia Chapter 408 spoilers have arrived.

my hero academia chapter 408 spoilers

While all hell breaks loose in Japan, we finally received the anticipated backstory of All For One, which was tragic.

All For One had a brother named Yoichi Shigaraki, and both had different ideals about superpowers (quirks.) While AFO uses his power to spread terror in the world, Yoichi decides to put it to use to help the people in need.

Here are the My Hero Academia chapter 408 spoilers!

All of the spoilers are a courtesy of @Rukasu on Twitter/X!

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My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia chapter 408 will be titled “Eyes Full of Determination!”

The chapter begins with AFO killing Yoichi in a sewer. A single arm of Yoichi is left behind, and AFO reveals he named his brother “Yoichi” as it means to be the “first.”

The next page of the chapter focuses on Kudou and AFO’s eyes.

Being completely different from each other, Kudou’s eyes are full of emotion, whereas AFO’s eyes are emotionless, totally white. For now, Kudou does not have his signature scar.

A few moments later, AFO is atop a building while he looks at Yoichi’s hand. The hand resembles the one on Tomura’s face. AFO says that the quirk he gave his brother no longer exists.

All confused, AFO tries to figure out where did the quirk go. A moment of clarity hits, and he realizes that Yoichi might have passed on his quirk to somebody else.

The third user of the quirk is named Bruce, who is currently examining Kudou’s body.

Kudou felt slightly off, and Bruce asked if AFO had touched him. Kudou asks Bruce to reveal his tests already, and it seems Kudou has two quirks in his body, Gearshift and one so small, almost insignificant.

Following, two sides of Yoichi are shown; both have a different opinion about AFO. One side says he regrets that he could not stop AFO as he toys with everyone.

On the other hand, the second side says that AFO kept him alive, but everything would be fine if he cared about other people.

Kudou and AFO reach a similar conclusion. Kudou says that Yoichi’s will now live within him and continue to exist. AFO says that it means Yoichi still exists.

The conversation is followed by an interesting double spread, where we see all of AFO’s life from his birth to the point where his face gets smashed beyond recognition by All Might.

Right after All Might defeated AFO, his body was stolen by a doctor. Cutting back to the present, AFO wonders if Bakugou is somehow a descendant of Kudou, but that is impossible. AFO killed all of Kudou’s family members, including women and children.

AFO finally realizes that right now, the determination in Bakugou’s eyes is very similar to Kudou’s when he wanted to kill him. In his current state, AFO cannot continue to fight as he is getting weaker and younger each second.

my hero academia chapter 408 spoilers

Another double spread welcomed it, and this is probably the best one Horikoshi-sensei has drawn. AFO unleashes every single one of his quirks and says, “Release Every Quirk Factor: All For One Goal!”

Edgeshot realizes AFO’s plan to propel himself with an unimaginable speed. All Might understands the situation and says this is AFO’s final gamble, as doing this might revert him to his baby form.

The chapter ends with Bakugou calling AFO’s new form stupid and claiming that he will not let him win.

No break next week! My Hero Academia Chapter 408 will be released on December 3, 2023!

Everyone is currently in a tight spot, including the atrocious AFO himself. My Hero Academia is accessible on the Mangaplus app and Viz Media’s website!

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