My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers: Bakugou Kills AFO?!

With the arrival of Wednesday, My Hero Academia chapter 409 spoilers have surfaced after much anticipation!

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers

Last week, every reader witnessed the ultimate form of All For One, who has become desperate enough to sacrifice himself to become the victor of this war.

Chapter 408 showed us the final moments between AFO and his brother, including the third user of One For All, Bruce.

At the conclusion of chapter 408, Baukgou arrives at the battlefield and faces AFO by himself while protecting All Might. Watching the massive form of AFO, Bakugou got star-struck and became a little hopeless about beating him.

Here are the awaited My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers!

All of the spoilers are a courtesy of @Rukasu on Twitter/X!

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My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers:

My Hero Academia chapter 409 will be titled “Quirk, Explosion!!!” according to the spoilers, and it begins with Bakugou’s birth. Mitsuki smiles while Masaru cries, watching his baby boy.

We see Bakugou’s flashback of bullying Deku and telling him that he will get stronger after their second fight, and his quirk is strong.

The chapter cuts back to the present, where Bakugou is fighting AFO. Bakugou says he will never mess with Midoriya anymore, and AFO launches his attack on Bakugou.

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers

Before AFO’s attack could reach him, Bakugou shouted, “Burst,” and an explosion hit AFO, causing him to fall. This confuses AFO as Bakugou has not moved an inch from his spot.

While flying towards AFO, Bakugou explains how his quirk is affected by rain, and he covers up the explosive sweat drops with regular drops.

AFO cannot believe a kid has outsmarted him, and Bakugou says he has been very clever since his childhood. The explosion quirk is more than enough to bring down AFO. Bakugou’s attack has disrupted AFO’s formation, and he needs to activate it again.

The fight gets heated, and AFO calls Bakugou a side character in his (AFO’s) story. A game of cat and mouse begins, where Bakugou is blasting Howitzer Impact on AFO, and he keeps dodging it for a few pages.

After wasting a handful of his energy, AFO realizes that his quirk factors are not working as they should. He realizes that this might be because his body is shrinking and fragile.

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers

It is revealed that AFO has become a child even in the vestige world, and we can see Hawk’s quirk vestige, too. Hawk’s quirk vestige reveals that AFO’s anger has made him lose control of all the quirks and vestiges.

Hawks teases AFO and says that Shigaraki has led him to his downfall while sticking out his tongue. All Might comments that everyone’s mental and physical damage to AFO is finally paying off, and he is losing control.

The chapter concludes with All Might, Yoichi, Mitsuku, and Masaru watching the battle from afar. Bakugou finishes his Howitzer Impact with a huge blast and says he could never defeat him all by himself.

Break next week, My Hero Academia chapter 409 will be released on December 10, 2023.

An unexpected turn of events and Bakugou is now all over All For One! The battle continues next week.

My Hero Academia chapter 409 will be available to read on the Mangaplus app and Viz Media’s website.

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