New Anime Will Tell A Story About What Happens To Isekai MC After They Return From Magical World

Isekai is one of the most popular genre of the anime series. Shows like Mushoku Tensei, Re: Zero, and Sword Art Online tell us the story of a main character who somehow gets transported into a magical world, and then he has to struggle to achieve his goal. The upcoming anime series is slightly different from the usual isekai anime as it will show us the life of Isekai main character after he gets transported back to his own world.

Uncle from another world anime

Uncle from Another World anime is a slice of life, comedy, series, based on a Japanese manga of the same name. The series tells the story of Takafumi’s uncle who fell into a coma, 17 years ago. Suddenly, he gets back up like a man risen from the grave. Takafumi notices that after waking up from coma, his uncle loves his video games the most, and Takafumi also found out that his uncle was isekai’d in a magical world as a heroic guardian. Takafumi had to roam with his uncle (who retained magical powers from isekai world) who is trying to catch up to the last two decades of history, including smartphones, electric cars, and high speed internet.

Uncle from Another World anime series is set to release in July 2022. Netflix has the rights for worldwide streaming, but they have not announced the worldwide release date yet.

Atelier Pontdarc is in charge of anime production. Shigeki Kawai is directing the anime, while script writing will be done by Kenta Ihara (also worked on Cautious Hero, Mieruko Chan). The character design will be done by Kazuhiro Ota (also worked on Natsu no Arashi!, Negima!, Pani Poni Dash!)

The voice cast includes Takehito KOYASU (also voiced Dio, Zeke, Aokiji, Roswaal) who will be voicing the UNCLE. Jun Fukuyama (also voiced Koro Sensei, Lelouch) will be voicing Takafumi. Mikaka Komatsu (also voiced Maki, Tatsuka, Tsugumi) will be voicing Fujimiya.

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