One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers: Another Major Character Is Dead Off Screen

Updated on July 18th, 2022

The most popular ongoing manga series is finally coming back after a 1 month break. Some spoilers for chapter 1054 are already out, revealing a major character death involving Sabo. However, before we get into the spoilers, you need to know about the fake spoilers that are being spread across the internet.

One Piece chapter 1054 spoilers

Chapter 1053 Recap

Luffy, Kidd, and Law’s new bounties were revealed to be 3 billion berries each in chapter 1053. Admiral Ryokugyu real name was revealed to be Aramaki. His power is that he can create plants from his hand and he uses these plants to absorb people’s nutrients. We saw Greenbul using these powers against King and Queen. The most shocking revelation that happened in this chapter was Buggy becoming an emperor.

Fake Spoilers

The prime example of such fake leakers is this Reddit post right here. The admins of the One Piece sub-Reddit deleted the post because they knew it was fake. Spoilers are released about 2 to 3 days before the official release. Sometimes they are released 4 days before the official chapter comes out. But an entire week before the release is out of the question.

One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers

One Piece chapter 1054 is titled “Emperor of Flames”, here is every spoiler that has been released so far provided by @Epicoboy. We will update the article once more spoilers are released.

Chapter 1054: “Emperor of Flames” (it is the name of Ace’s “Entei” attack). The chapter is about Sabo. We know the news about the death of a character, this news is also related to Sabo.

Chapter 1054 title is “Emperor of Flames (Entei)”. Entei is one of the moves that Ace uses against Blackbeard. Sabo will be the main attraction of this chapter if the leaks are true. The spoilers also stated that a character passes away. Sabo is apparently also related to this news. According to some theories, Kuma will be killed by Sabo. We know that Kuma is basically already dead, and he is now just being abused by the celestial dragons. Sabo will kill Kuma to free him from this torture.

Aramaki/Greenbull is a Logia-type Devil Fruit user called Forest forest fruit. Scabbards vs Greenbull, Yamato joins in and hit Greenbull in the head, Momo arrives too and stops Yamato and Greenbull.

Green Bull’s Devil fruit type is also revealed. It’s a Logia type according to the spoilers, which means that he is more powerful than we previously thought. It looks like Greenbull has encountered the straw-hat crew, and he faces off against the newest member of Luffy’s pirate crew, Yamato. But thanks to Momo’s intervention, Yamato and Greenbull stop fighting.

Shanks is on the shores of Wano and says: “It’s time to go for the One Piece” but it seems they want to finish Bortolomeo first.

Shanks is finally making a move for One Piece it seems, and he is close to Wano. But before that, he wants to finish of Bortolomeo, who is the commander of the 2nd ship of Staw Hat Grand fleet. If Shanks kills Bortolomeo, it could cause friction between Luffy and Shanks.

The news says that Sabo has killed Nefertari Cobra. Sabo and the Revolutionary Army successfully helped Kuma.

We finally know the identity of the character that dies off screen. Previously, it was thought to be Kuma, however, Sabo and the Revolutionary army managed to rescue him. However, Vivi’s father and king of Alabasta, Nefertari Cobra gets assassinated and Sabo is the prime suspect.

Dragon is on his way to a certain island with his whole fleet. They call Sabo The Emperor of the Flames. There’s a navy meeting in the final few pages of the chapter where we see Akainu, Kizaru and the new character Vice Admiral “Kurouma” (Dark Horse), the head of the navy investigation unit. Akainu is seen talking to Kurouma, whose actual name is Tensei

Wild Theories About Zoro Vs Greenbull

A few fans even support quite ridiculous theories about what Oda has planned for the future. If you have been a member of the Reddit community r/OnePiece, you should know how crazy some of the theories in this subreddit can get. The one that’s most notable is the infamous, ZKK. ZKK is an abbreviation of “Zoro Kills Kaido”.

Anyone who’s been reading Wano from the start knows how utterly baffling this theory was. It promoted the notion that Zoro would defeat Kaido instead of Luffy. Obviously, this makes little sense and we all knew it would be Luffy’s job to take Kaido out of the picture. And Oda did exactly what was right. But Zoro fans are not going to let it slide so easily. They’ve come up with a new theory after the appearance of the much-rumored admiral, Green Bull.

In one of the theories posted on Reddit, the OP has made 2 main points of why ZKG is plausible.

zoro vs greenbull

The first point is that Oda will make them fight just because they have the same colour scheme.

The second point doesn’t make any sense. They’ll fight because of their love for booze. The third point might be okay, considering Zoro’s battle with King, however, it still doesn’t make much sense.

The Final Saga Begins

Eiichiro Oda, One Piece author recently announced that the manga is now headed into the Final Saga of the series. Because of this, every fan is very excited to see what Oda has planned for us in the final chapters of his long-running series. There are so many questions on everyone’s minds. Who is Joyboy? What is the real identity of the D clan? And the most important question of all, What is One Piece? But before anything, Wano still has a few things left before it ends.

One Piece chapter 1054 will be available on Viz and Manga Plus, as soon as it is released on Sunday. Please use the official websites to read the manga. We would advise all the One Piece fans to use official means to read the manga, as it helps support the author whom we love and respect.

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