One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers: Seraphim with King’s ability?

One Piece manga returned after a week-long break, and things seemed to have gone worse than expected. Last week, the author of One Piece asked AI for the script of the new chapter, but he did not follow that script in the new chapter. In this chapter, we shall see the new faces of Seraphim as they seem to have abilities of rare species. Also, one of the Vegapunk might face lethal damage from a surprise attack. Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1077 are out. Here is everything you need to know about it.

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Chapter 1076 Quick Summary

Chapter 1076 was titled “Old Friend“. This chapter shows how Luffy partnered with the CP0 agents to fight against the Seraphims. The current location of Vegapunk was also unveiled, as he is now a prisoner with many CP0 agents who had gone missing in the past. The biggest headline of this chapter was that the showdown on ELbaf is about to begin as Shanks is now on Elbaf, and Kid is very near him. Will there be a showdown between these two pirates?

One Piece Chapter 1077 Early Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1077 is titled “You Should Have Realized That Sooner”, which is a direct signal to the imposter present on Eggland Island as he might be revealed soon, and he has most likely been in our sights from the start.

A new Seraphim with the abilities of Lunarians

As Zoro is fighting alongside Kaku because of their temporary alliance, a new Seraphim emerges as their opponent. Zoro is shocked to notice that this Seraphim has abilities similar to his former opponent King. King is a Lunarian who worked under Kaido. Zoro fought him during the Wano arc, and it was revealed that King was part of the ancient race of Lunarians, who have features like tanned skin, black wings, and white hair.

This also tells us how Vegapunk had even replicated a Seraphim from an ancient race, which has gone extinct for many years. This might indicate that we might see new variants of Seraphims, whose abilities might even shock some users!

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Usopp in Danger Again!

On the other part of Egghead Island, where the other Straw Hats are fighting the Seraphim alongside the Vegapunk variants, a battle is going on between Lilith Vegapunk and S-Snake (The Boa Hancock Seraphim). Lilith uses a bubble gun again this Seraphim (which she has used in previous chapters). But the Seraphim dodges the attack and uses her Mero Mero Mellow beam to attack Lilith. But she also dodges the beam, and Usopp, standing behind her, gets turned into a stone.

One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers: Seraphim with King's ability?

This might be a way of telling us that the Straw Hats have to remain here on Egghead until Kizaru arrives with his company. So, turning Usopp into stone was only a way to stall their progress.

Shaka Vegapunk about to die?

When the chapter is about to end, Shaka is attacked by someone. This “someone” shoots something at Shaka’s head, and his head explodes. So, the biggest question here is whether or not Shaka is about to die. Stay tuned till the next chapter to see what happens.

One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers: Seraphim with King's ability?

One Piece Manga will not be on break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1077 will officially release on 12 March 2023. You can read it on the Manga Plus app. As always, we advise you to read the Manga via official means to support the creator of the series.

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