One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers Delayed: Here Is Why

“One Piece” manga spoilers usually drop on Monday mornings, or at the latest, by Tuesday. However, fans have noticed a recent delay in the release of spoilers for the series.

Update: One Piece chapter 1092 spoilers are now out. Akainu has returned while Luffy and Kizaru's fight continues. Read Here.
one piece chapter 1092 spoilers

Chapter 1092 of “One Piece” is scheduled for release on September 17, 2023, following a one-week hiatus.

Given the cliffhanger ending of the previous chapter, where Kizaru and Luffy face-off, fans are eagerly awaiting any leaks or spoilers, which have unfortunately been delayed.

Why One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers Are Delayed?

In the past, three major leakers—Etenboy, Pewpiece, and Redon—were responsible for releasing “One Piece” spoilers. Recently, Etenboy and Pewpiece have taken a break from this role (indefinitely).

one piece leakers

Since Chapter 1080, Redon has been the sole source of spoilers and seems to be taking his time with releases.

When multiple leakers were active, there was a competitive rush to release spoilers first. Now, with only Redon remaining, there’s no urgency, confirming the adage that “competition benefits consumers.”

Although Redon has been teasing fans with GIFs on his X account (formerly Twitter), he hasn’t provided any substantial hints or spoilers.

The only concrete information he’s shared is that the upcoming chapter will be a treat for both Luffy and Kizaru fans, rating it 9/10 for each group.

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What To Expect In Chapter 1092: Yonko Vs. Admiral

One Piece chapter 1092 is pretty anticipated by fans for two reasons. First is seeing Luffy’s newly gained powerup against Kizaur who kicked their asses two years earlier.

Now that Luffy has become way stronger, fans want to see how he holds up against Kizaru.

The second thing is the showdown between an Admiral and an Emperor (Yonko). Since the series began, we have never seen an Admiral fight a Yonko 1v1. For that reason, Luffy vs Kizaru is sort of extra special treat for One Piece fans.

Who do you think will have the upper hand in this fight? As of now, all we can do is wait for the spoiler gods to grace us with more information.

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