One Piece Fans Demand Seasonal Format For Anime To Fix Slow Pacing Issue

Now that the buzz around Gear 5 has settled, One Piece fans are increasingly advocating for the series to switch to a seasonal format to improve its pacing.

one piece anime seasonal

To give you some context, Luffy has been engaged in a prolonged battle with Kaido atop Onigashima’s rooftop for several months. Unfortunately, the anime’s pacing has been sluggish, often padded with unnecessary flashbacks.

For instance, in the latest episode of One Piece (1075), nearly half of the runtime is consumed by flashbacks featuring Orochimaru and Kaido tormenting the citizens of Wano.

While flashbacks can serve a purpose by highlighting the villainy of the antagonists, the last two episodes of One Piece have been overly reliant on them.

Here’s a rough breakdown of the time allocation in One Piece episode 1075: opening, recap, flashbacks, new content, and the ending song.

One Piece Ep 1075

Fans Vote on One Piece To Become Seasonal

A significant number of One Piece fans have taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to voice their concerns about the show’s pacing.

One proactive fan even initiated a poll to gauge interest in switching the series to a seasonal schedule.

The poll, created by Twitter user @OP_SPOILERS2023, asked, “Do you want the ‘One Piece Final Saga’ in One Piece Anime to be ‘seasonal’?” Interestingly, over 57% of respondents voted “Yes.”

one piece anime seasonal

Another user highlighted the issue by noting that Luffy’s final punch against Kaido has been extended over two episodes. “@JohnnySpittin tweeted:

“You mean to tell me Luffy is in the middle of his final attack for two episodes?? Only in One Piece, man.”

While Twitter is often a platform for nitpicking minor issues, this time, the criticism is widespread.

On streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, you’ll find numerous comments lamenting the show’s slow pacing.

one piece episode 1075

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What Impact Would a Seasonal Format Have on One Piece?

Switching “One Piece” to a seasonal format could have several implications, both positive and negative. One of the most pressing concerns is the pacing of the anime in relation to its source material—the manga series “One Piece.”

Eiichiro Oda has been releasing fewer manga chapters lately, especially after the Wano Arc. This reduction in source material poses a significant challenge for the anime adaptation.

Sooner or later, the anime is bound to catch up with the manga. When that happens, the creators will face a dilemma: either go on a hiatus or introduce filler episodes to keep the series running.

Switching to a seasonal format could allow for better pacing and higher production quality. The animators would have more time to focus on each episode.

This will potentially eliminate the need for excessive flashbacks and drawn-out scenes that have been a point of criticism among fans.

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As evidenced by a recent poll on X (formerly Twitter), more than 57% of fans are in favor of “One Piece” becoming a seasonal show. This suggests that a significant portion of the audience is dissatisfied with the current pacing and would welcome a change in the airing schedule.

However, it’s necessary to consider the financial aspect. “One Piece” is a long-running series with a dedicated fan base that ensures steady revenue. Switching to a seasonal format could disrupt this income stream, at least in the short term.

While die-hard fans may stick around for a seasonal format, there’s a risk of losing casual viewers who are accustomed to the regular airing schedule. A hiatus or a change in the release pattern could lead to a drop in viewership numbers.

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