One Punch Man Artist Talks About His Health Issues, Thinking of Taking A Long Break

One Punch Man’s new manga chapter was suddenly delayed, and the artist behind One Punch Man recently talked about his health issues and the possibility of taking a long break.

one punch man manga hiatus

On May 22, Yuusuke Murata held a Twitter Space live audio conversation and discussed his work.

One fan asked about his working schedule, and he replied that his health has been taking a toll since he started working on an anime project. Murata said:

“It is getting unarguably harder every month to manage my time for the family, work, and myself. As I have started working on a new anime series, my health has been in decline, and I have been thinking about going on a long break for a long time, and I might go on a vacation soon enough.”

In case you are unaware, Murata has started working on an original anime series alongside the One Punch Man manga series. The first part of that anime was released not too long ago.

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In his Twitter space, Murata didn’t specify if he was talking about the same original anime or some other anime project that he is working on.

Overworking is a cultural problem in Japan, especially since many of the mangakas have been taking long breaks from drawing because of the health problems.

The main reasons for overworking in the manga industry are the crucial deadlines for the magazines. The deadline can vary depending on the magazine publishing dates, either monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.

It’s common for artists to get back pain at an early age and especially Lumbar Fractures. 98% of Mangaka have a disease called Repetitive Strain Injury, also known as RSI, which is developed by holding the pen too much, and if not taken seriously, it can create more severe injuries down the line.

As for the manga fans, they are upset upon hearing about this situation, and everyone has advised Murata that he should take a little extra care of his health.

The next chapter for One Punch Man is scheduled for the 1st of June, 2023. But fans fear that the next chapter might delay again if Murata’s health doesn’t improve.

One Punch Man is anime, webcomic and manga series. The webcomic is written by ONE, who, after a long hiatus, has started working on One Punch Man again. Murata picked up the webcomic for a manga adaptation.

One Punch Man reached new heights of popularity thanks to Murata’s amazing art. One Punch Man webcomic has gotten an anime adaptation who see first anime season was produced by Madhouse, followed by 2nd season by J.C. Staff. One Punch Man season 3 is currently in production.

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