Oshi No Ko Fans Left Disgusted & Upset After Latest Manga Chapter

After an amazing first season, Oshi No Ko is trending once more… but for all the wrong reasons.

Akasaka Aka’s Oshi No Ko has been making waves ever since it’s first episode released back in April. With a successful first season run the series was immediately greenlit for a second season following the end of it’s 11 episode run.

However, following this great news came leaks for the manga side of the series, chapter 123. Which left many fans quite upset with many swearing to drop the series. So what exactly happened?!

What Happened?

Before we get into what left fans so upset, we must first issue a major spoiler warning for the series as a whole. Once again, major spoiler warning, you have been warned.

By the end of Oshi No Ko chapter 122 we get to see Doctor Gorou’s emotional reunion with Sarina as the Aqua and Ruby finally realize their connection from their previous life. This reunion quickly turns into a bittersweet heart to heart as Ruby shares all that she’s had to go through while Aqua supports her.

Everything seems to be going well until the last page of the chapter where Ruby approaches her brother and reminds him of his words in their previous life.

Going all the way back to chapter 1 where Sarina asks the Doctor to marry her, to which he initially responds no. After some teasing from Sarina however, he tells her, “I’ll give it thought once you’re of legal age” (that being 16).

Of course the reason fans are upset is clear as day with the chapter ending there possibly hinting at an Aqua and Ruby pairing. With the two being siblings, the hate and disgust are beyond justified.

The leak itself caused an uproar on Twitter, with Oshi No Ko fans swearing off the series entirely, and with the official chapter release being exactly as the leaks showed, the issue is clear as day.

It is important to note that as of the writing of this article nothing has happened besides Ruby’s odd statement in the chapter’s final page. But nonetheless, fans are shocked at what Akasaka Aka could be hinting at with chapter 123’s final panel.

Fan Reactions

Where To Read

If you’d like to check out this controversial chapter yourself you can find chapter 123 and all previous chapters of Oshi No Ko for officially and for free on the Mangaplus app. We urge fans to find all their favourite anime and manga officially as it support the creators and shows enough interest for further serialization.

With that said we’ll have to wait an extra week to see exactly how Aqua responds to Ruby and what will happen between the siblings as Oshi No Ko is going on a brief one-week hiatus.

Before you go be sure to let us know what you think of Oshi No Ko’s latest chapter! Is this enough to make you drop the series? Do you think this is a fake-out by mangaka Akasaka Aka? Let us know your answers and more in the comments section. As always we here at Anime Senpai love hearing from our readers!

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