Prison School Author Will Launch A New RomCom Manga

Popular ecchi-comedy series, Prison School author, Akira Hiramoto will launch a new manga series, but this time, it won’t be an ecchi series.

Kodansha’s Shonen Monthly magazine revealed on Monday that manga author Akira Hiramoto will launch a new manga series in March 2022. The new manga series is teased as a “traditional romantic comedy”. Given the past work of the author, it is hard to believe that his next work will be a purely romantic comedy, without some kind of ecchi element present in it.

Akira started Prison School manga series in Young Magazine in February 2011, and ended the series in Dec 2017. Prison School received a 12 episode anime adaptation by J.C. Staff in 2015, and a live action drama series in Oct 2015 as well. After Prison School, Akira launched his new manga, RaW Hero in Sept 2018, and ended it in Sept 2020.

Bookwalker describes the manga series as follows:

On the outskirts of Tokyo is the Hachimitsu Private Academy, is an all girls’ boarding school. However, this year the school allows boys to enroll as well. After the enrollment exam, only 5 boys were selected to be part of this boarding school. After hearing this news, boys were jumping with happiness, thinking that they will be surrounded by beautiful girls, but little do they know a shocking fate awaits them in the school

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Source: ANN

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