Rent A Girlfriend’s Author Reveals Kazuya’s Character Reflects Himself

Whether you love it or not, Rent a Girlfriend has become one of the most popular rom-com anime series in recent years. Much of its popularity comes from its unique plot revolving around a rental girlfriend. However, the series has also had its fair share of controversies, which keep it in ongoing discussions.

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One common criticism of the series is that the main character doesn’t undergo much character development. Interestingly, the protagonist, Kazuya, is actually a reflection of the author’s own personality.

Or at least that’s what Reiji Miyajima said in an interview that was recently shared during the K Manga’s launch party. Reiji sensei was asked if any character from the series reflects himself.

Reiji sensei answered, “Like Kazuya, there are things I cannot endure no matter the effort, like dealing with Pain. I say what I want through Kazuya. As a result, readers tell me the story is funny and relatable, and that helps me emotionally.”

Talking about Chizuru Mizuhara, Reiji said “Chizuru, on the other hand, is naturally attractive. She is also a hard worker but definitely an unlucky girl. She doesn’t give up despite that. I believe the world is cruel like that sometimes, and my stoicism is reflected in her.”

Mizuhara getting praised by Reiji sensei isn’t surprising at all. Several times on Twitter, the author has expressed his love for the character, even going out on a date with her, or admitting that Mizuhara is his girlfriend (although Reiji sensei is married).

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What Inspired Author To Write Rent A Girlfriend?

Reiji Miyajima said he wanted to write a romantic comedy, and the theme of rental girlfriend seemed fitting for a rom-com, but no one had made (this concept into) a manga yet.

Reiji then read an article about how Chinese parents pressure their sons to bring a girlfriend home for Chinese New Year. So they rent a girlfriend to introduce to their parents.

According to the author, it sounds quite silly, but he felt it was also endearing. “Their desire to reassure their parents feels genuine, but I am sure they also want to show off. Those mixed up feelings are what make up Kazuya.

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Rent A Girlfriend season 3 will be released in Summer 2023, and it is in the Top 10 of our most anticipated summer 2023 anime list. Will you be watching the third installment of the series? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

Source: Kodansha USA

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