Reports of Major Character Death In My Hero Academia Worries Fans

Published on August 5th, 2022

My Hero Academia manga chapter 362 will be released this weekend, however, some leaks and spoilers are already circulating on social media revealing that a major character from the series might be dead. Before we go further into the article, please keep in mind that there will be spoilers from My Hero Academia manga ahead.

My Hero Academia Bakugo manga

Leaks and spoilers from the upcoming manga magazine are posted online, 3 or 4 days before the official release. This is because manga companies ship the magazine earlier to faraway regions so that the manga magazine is available to all the readers at the same time. Many store managers read the manga early and often post leaks on social media.

Chapter 162 of My Hero Academia is titled “Light Fades To Rain”. The heroes are fighting Shiagaraki who seems undefeatable at that moment. Bakugo tries to fight Shigaraki and uses his powerful attack, Cluster, which causes his whole body to emit fire.

Bakugo’s speed is so fast that even AFO (All for one) is having difficulty catching up to him. Despite not being a member of OFA (One for all), Bakugo’s skill and potential are making AFO worried. AFO realized that he needs to stop Bakugo right here before he becomes too powerful.

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AFO launches a powerful attack on Bakugo, and the next manga panel shocked the fans when we see Bakugo lying on the ground while blood is coming out of his mouth. The temperature in the city starts going up and we learned in the next panel that Bakugo’s heart has stopped working.

In his final moments, Bakugo regrets not asking Toshinori Yagi to sign his All Might Card. We see All Might’s card near Bakugo’s injured body which makes the scene more hurtful than it already is.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Bakugo is truly gone. We know that My Hero Academia is a Shonen anime, and in most of the Shonen anime, we often see a major character being brought back to life after death. Bakugo is the most popular character in My Hero Academia, even more, popular than the main character (Izuku Midoriya) according to the official popularity polls in Japan. Killing Bakugo will upset a major community of MHA and that is not what the author wants.

On the other hand, Bakugo’s death could be a great fuel in developing the character of Deku. Considering that My Hero Academia is currently in its final arc, some major characters’ death should not be a surprise to MHA fans.

Whether Bakugo will be able to survive or not, fans are really worried about Bakugo’s fate. Do you think Bakugo will be revived in the manga? Let us know your opinion in the comment section. My Hero Academia manga chapter 362 will officially be released on August 8.

2 thoughts on “Reports of Major Character Death In My Hero Academia Worries Fans

  1. I don’t want Bakugou to die, I want him to revive and want him rise to what and whom he wanted to be with all of his friends and see the future ahead of him with all of them, so many people says he is gone and some say he will survive and even some says it’s better he is gone which is the saddest thing ever to hear but it’s ok I don’t care what other think, even if he is a tsun-tsun Pomeranian and bullied izuku before he changed and I admire and deeply love that part of him and also all the other parts him as well I love to deeply, so pls Mr author sir please don’t let Bakugou die he is very good and important person pls don’t take him away please ?‍♀?‍♀

  2. Well based on seeing the big hole in bakugou’s chest, i don’t think his heart stopped working… Maybe Shigaraki / AFO pulled a Killua move 🙁
    My last hope rn is Eri, but I can’t really imagine the heroes bringing her to the battlefield xd

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