SANDA’ Manga About a Teen Transforming into Santa Gets Anime Adaptation

The SANDA manga is getting a TV anime version. Studio Science SARU (known for Devilman Crybaby) will make the show. SANDA is written by Paru Itagaki, who also made the popular BEASTARS series.

sanda anime

The upcoming anime have shared a teaser image.

It shows a strong old man wearing a red hoodie. He looks a lot like Santa Claus. But there’s more – a shadow coming from him looks like a young boy. This image tells us the story might be about how Santa became Santa.

santa anime

SANDA tells a unique story set in Japan in 2060. In this future, Japan has a rapidly declining birthrate and in order to combat that, they have set some strange rules. Kids get marriage partners when they’re babies. They’re not allowed to sleep much so they don’t grow up fast.

In this future, Santa Claus has been locked away by a curse. People think Santa is gone forever. They see Christmas as an old custom or just a made-up story.

The main character is Sanda Kazushige, a middle school student. On December 25, when it’s snowing, something weird happens. Sanda’s classmate, Fuyumura Shiori, breaks a seal on Sanda’s body. This makes Sanda look like Santa Claus!

SANDA started as a manga in Weekly Sh┼Źnen Champion magazine. It ran from July 2021 to July 2024. By June 2024, there were fourteen volumes of the story. Now, with the anime coming, more people will get to see this unique take on Santa’s beginnings.

Are you looking forward to seeing Sanda Kazushige journey to become the Santa? Let us know in the comment section. No release date for Sanda anime has been announced as of yet.

Source: Official Website

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