The Eminence in Shadow Movie Announced After Season 2 Finale

“The Eminence in Shdaow” brought more diversity to the isekai genre, as it was one of the best isekai series in 2023.

Now that the season has ended, people are interested to know about the future of this series. So, here is everything we know about season 3 of “The Eminence in Shadow.”

The Eminence in Shadow Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

“Eminence in Shadow” tells the story of Cid, a young boy who is transported into another world with extraordinary abilities but doesn’t love the spotlight. So, he decides to operate his forces from the Shadows and makes a group of fighters called “Shadow Garden.”

Season 2 of this series focused on Cid and his forces invading the Lawless City. The main focus of this season was diverted toward individual members of Shadow Garden and their leader, Shadow (who is just Cid in disguise).

The series is animated by Studio Nexus, the most prominent series of which is “The Eminence in Shadow.” They tend not to take any other series as projects to focus on “The Eminence in Shadow” in every aspect.

Will Season 3 of “The Eminence in Shadow” exist?

Season 3 of “The Eminence in Shadow” is yet to be announced. Although, the series has just announced a sequel movie by the name “The Eminence in Shadow: Lost Echoes.”

A teaser visual has been released.

eminence in shadows season 3

No information about this movie has been released regarding its release date or if it is canon (covering source material). Be sure to keep visiting the official X (Twitter) account of this series for further information in the future.

Source Availability for “The Eminence in Shadow” Season 3

“The Eminence in Shadow” is based on the light novel series written by Aizawa Daisuke and illustrated by Touzai. The first season was based on the first two volumes of the light novel series, as a lot of anime-only content was included.

The second season covered 1.5 volumes of the light novel (3rd+half of 4th) as anime-only content was also a big part of this season. Six light novel volumes have been published so far in the light novel.

The movie will likely be covering the next arc of the series, which comprises the second-half of the fourth volume of the light novel series.

So, there is enough source material for a third season.

Eminence in Shadow: Lost Echoes Streaming Details

Since its first season, “The Eminence in Shadow” is available on the streaming platform HIDIVE.

Regarding film streaming, the production committee has yet to announce whether it will be released in theater first or will directly be available for streaming on Platforms like HIDIVE, Netflix or Crunchyroll.

HIDIVE describes the anime series as follows:

Cid doesn’t want to be a flashy hero or a dastardly villain. He wants to operate in the shadows and pull the strings of society through wit and cleverness. So, when he’s isekai’d to another world armed with magic powers (and an overactive imagination), he forms Shadow Garden, an underground organization that fights an evil cult he totally made up.

But while Cid happily roleplays his favorite antihero tropes, little does he know Shadow Garden’s recruits treat his every lie as gospel, and worse yet? That “fake” cult is actually real, and they’re not happy his power fantasy just impeded their plan to gain ultimate power in THE EMINENCE IN SHADOW!

Source: Official Twitter

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