This New Anime Is About A Man Who Got Reincarnated As A Pig

Anime and manga industry is no stranger to seeing people get reincarnated as something unusual. I mean we already got people getting reincarnated as a Slime, or as a Spider, or as a vending machine, but this new anime will tell the story of a guy who got reincarnated as a pig.

Takuma Sakai’s comedy-fantasy light novel series, Heat the pig liver (Buta na liver WA kanetsushiro) is getting an anime adaptation. This anime was announced during the Dengeki Bunko Winter Festival 2021.


The series tells the story of (not so good looking) Otaku, who gets reincarnated into another world as a pig after eating a raw liver of the pig. In the next world, he finds himself in the company of a cute and innocent girl, Jess, who can read people’s minds. She accepts him as a companion despite the MC’s borish thoughts, although she plans to eat him afterwards. Jess gets in trouble because of her dark destiny. Will Pig be able to save her using his ability of smell, and wisdom.

The light novel series is also adapted into manga adaptation by Minami. The manga series is currently serialized in seinen magazine Dengeki Maoh.

Release Date

At the time of writing, release date for ” Buta na liver WA kanetsushiro ” has not been announced yet. Also, there is no information about the cast and staff yet.

What are your thoughts on this light novel series getting an anime adaptation? Considering that there are a lot of more popular light novels and manga series who haven’t got an anime adaptation.

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