This New Trans Anime Is Already Controversial

As the winter 2023 anime season gets underway, Onimai: I am your sister, a comedy anime series, has also garnered interest from those seeking more representation of transgender themes in anime. The series, produced by Studio Bind, is only Studio’s second creation following the success of Mushoku Tensei, but also no compromises are done in animation quality. However, the series is facing backlash on social media for various reasons.

new trans anime

“Onimai: I’m your Sister” follows the story of Mahiro, an Otaku who has spent the past two years as a shut-in, rarely leaving the comfort of his home. His younger sister Mihari, a mad scientist, decides to perform an experiment on him, turning him into a girl. As Mahiro grapples with her new identity, Mihari works to support and guide her, eventually helping her to leave the house and Mahiro starts feeling better about himself.

Onimai: I am Your Sister Already Controversial

Onimai: I am your sister, produced by Studio Bind, faced backlash from some fans upon its release. While the animation quality of the show was not the source of the criticism, it seems that the show simply did not appeal to every anime fan. This was evident in the responses on social media, where some viewers expressed frustration that trans representation in anime seemed to always be sexualized, while others questioned why they couldn’t get the type of representation they wanted.

One netizen took to Twitter to say “omg why can’t trans girl get any type of representation without it being sexualized,” while others wrote “this is not what we meant when we asked for trans representation in anime!” and “this is why I refuse to respect anime fully.” It seems that some fans had expected a coming of age story featuring a trans character, but instead received an ecchi anime with top-notch animation.

Even after watching the trailer and reading synopsis doesn’t give the clear indication of what to expect from the series, which may have contributed to the confusion and disappointment among some viewers.

In conclusion, trans representation in the anime industry has been a topic of debate among fans for a long time now. While some have called for more diverse and nuanced representation of trans characters, others have criticized the way trans characters are portrayed in some shows. It’s important for the industry to continue to listen to the voices and concerns of fans, and to strive for more inclusive and respectful representation of trans characters in anime. At the same time, it’s also important to recognize that not every show will appeal to every fan, and that it’s okay to have different preferences and opinions.

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