Vinland Saga Author Addresses Shift from Season 1 to Season 2, Recommends ‘Attack on Titan’ for Fans Seeking Violence

In the world of manga and anime, change is often met with both excitement and skepticism. When it comes to “Vinland Saga,” the shift in tone and character development between seasons has been a hot topic of discussion.

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Recently, the series creator, Makoto Yukimura, opened up about these changes, defending his creative choices and even suggesting fans looking for more violence might want to explore “Attack on Titan.”

Vinland Saga’s first season was marked by intense action scenes and a focus on violence, particularly surrounding the character Thorfinn.

The shift from a vengeful warrior to a peaceful farmer in the second season surprised many fans. Some loved the new direction, while others were left longing for the action-packed sequences of the past.

Yukimura, known for his extroverted personality and frequent interactions with fans, addressed these concerns in a recent interview with ANN. He expressed that those who are drawn to the violent aspect of the story might eventually be disappointed, as the series may not always meet those expectations.

He acknowledged hearing fans’ complaints about Thorfinn’s transformation into a farmer but stated that he could not help it. He further said that if fans want to read about some violence, they should consider Attack on Titan.

“If you’re into my story for the violent aspect of it, at some point, I might not be able to meet your expectations. If you really want to read about things like violence, you should consider Attack on Titan. I actually do hear comments from the fans saying that they like Thorfinn from back in the day. ‘What happened to him? He’s only farming!’ I hear their complaints, though, at the same time, I cannot help it. Sorry.”

It’s worth noting that Yukimura’s reference to “Attack on Titan” was not a criticism. Both he and Hajime Isayama, the author of “Attack on Titan,” are friends in real life. Yukimura’s statement was more of a suggestion for those seeking a different type of storytelling.

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Despite some initial resistance, the majority of fans have embraced the new direction of “Vinland Saga.” Season 2 was rated even higher than Season 1, showcasing Yukimura’s ability to craft a compelling story and MAPPA’s skill in animating it to the viewers’ liking.

“Vinland Saga” is more than just a story of Vikings and battles. It’s a story of growth, evolution, and the complex themes that accompany them. Yukimura’s willingness to take risks and challenge expectations has resulted in a series that continues to captivate audiences, even as it evolves.

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Source: ANN

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