World Reacts to Dragon Ball Creator’s Death

The world of manga has lost one of its brightest stars with the passing of Akira Toriyama, the visionary creator behind the immensely popular Dragon Ball series.

world reacts to akira toriyama's passing

Toriyama died on March 1 at the age of 68 due to complications from acute subdural hematoma, as stated in an official announcement.

His death has sent shockwaves throughout the industry and fandom, as people grapple with the loss of a true giant whose works have touched millions of lives across the globe.

In the wake of Toriyama’s passing, tributes have poured forth from some of the most prominent figures in manga. Many shared personal stories and reflected on the profound impact he had on their lives and careers.

Outpouring of Tributes from Fellow Manga Legends

Yuji Horii, the designer of the Dragon Quest video game series which featured Toriyama’s art, expressed his heartbreak and disbelief, noting their 37-year collaboration. “I can’t believe he’s gone,” Horii lamented. “The history of Dragon Quest was intertwined with Toriyama-san’s character designs.”

ONE PIECE creator Eiichiro Oda called Toriyama a “giant tree” and a hero who helped usher in an era where the manga is widely enjoyed by all ages.

“For manga artists of our generation who stood on the same stage, Toriyama’s works became an even greater presence the closer we got. Almost scary,” Oda said. “We love Toriyama-sensei to the core.”

Masashi Kishimoto, creator of Naruto, credits Toriyama as his “guiding star” and the inspiration for pursuing manga.

“Sensei’s manga has always been with me, becoming a part of my life,” Kishimoto wrote. “Because Dragon Ball was just too much fun! It was salvation for a rural boy like me.” He thanked Toriyama for 45 years of enjoyable works.

Reactions to Toriyama’s passing have come from beyond the manga industry as well. Action star Jackie Chan posted on Weibo thanking Toriyama for his many classic creations that “will always be with the world.”

Ryo Horikawa, the Japanese voice of Dragon Ball’s Vegeta, said the news was “a bolt out of the blue” and expressed disappointment that the series’ story was cut short just as “a new journey” was beginning.

One-Punch Man artist Yusuke Murata and Vagabond creator Takehiko Inoue also shared their shock and appreciation for Toriyama. “There were many things that I received from Toriyama-sensei, the ones which only he could give,” Murata stated. Inoue simply wrote, “Thank you, Toriyama-sensei.”

Perhaps the most touching tribute came from Toyotarou, Toriyama’s successor on the Dragon Ball Super manga. “I drew manga because I wanted to be praised by Toriyama-sensei,” he said. “It was my everything.”

Akira Toriyama’s first notable work was Dr. Slump in 1980, but he would achieve global fame with Dragon Ball, which he launched in 1984. The series’ unique blend of action, humor, creativity and memorable characters made it a massive hit.

Dragon Ball and its sequel Dragon Ball Z have spawned numerous TV series, movies, video games, and more, becoming one of the most recognizable entertainment brands worldwide.

Toriyama’s impact and inspiration can be felt across the manga and anime industries and beyond. Creators from multiple generations have cited his influence. Stories of fans crediting Dragon Ball for helping them through difficult times are common.

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