10 Most Memorable Deaths In Attack On Titan Anime

Attack on Titan is finally back and better than ever! With its first two episodes out now, the series has been blowing everyone else away in both numbers and pure excitement. Not only did the first episode crash both Crunchyroll and Funimation, but the opening alone for Part 2 has amassed over 7 million views in its first 24 hours of airing!

With the new “Rumbling” arc going on, any character can die at any given moment. So before another character dies, let’s run over the 10 most memorable deaths in the series. Keep in mind that this list will only feature anime deaths to avoid spoilers. And of course, spoiler warning for all four seasons of Attack on Titan, obviously.

Franz Kefka

10 Most Memorable Deaths In Attack On Titan | Anime Senpai

First up on the list is Franz Kefka! Though the name probably doesn’t ring any bells the image should remind you exactly who this character is and why their death is so memorable.

This was actually one of the first deaths that really showed how far the series would go with its violence, and definitely set the tone for the rest of season 1. This death is even more memorable thanks to Franz’s girlfriend attempting to do CPR on her boyfriend while screaming for help. When audiences first see this we only see Franz’s upper half so it’s confusing to see Armin is just standing there not helping. Only for it to cut to Franz’s missing lower half and Armin telling Hannah that he can’t be saved.

Isabel & Furlan

10 Most Memorable Deaths In Attack On Titan | Anime Senpai

If you don’t know these two characters I highly suggest you go and watch the OVA, Attack On Titan: No Regrets. Once you’ve watched that then come back. As for those who have watched the short episodes you will know that these two have quite the death at the hands of an abnormal titan.

Though not as memorable as some of the deaths from the main series the death of these two can also be remembered as what first set Levi into “Beast Mode.” Thus unlocking his true powers as an Ackerman and creating the legend we know today. Pretty memorable if you ask me.

Mike Zacharias

10 Most Memorable Deaths In Attack On Titan | Anime Senpai

The name or picture above may not immediately remind you why this character’s death was so memorable, but believe me, Mike Zacharias’ death is one to remember. Not only was he the first character to die in season two, dying near the end of the first episode, his death was also the first time we got to see Zeke Yeager and his terrifying Beast Titan. Who not only displayed the ability to control the titans that ate Mike but was also able to talk fluently in his titan form.

Mike Zacharias’ death was meant to strike the fear of the Beast into watchers, and it did its job! The intelligent titan commenting that Mike could speak after all, while the soldier gets ripped apart will always be a memorable death from the world of AOT.


10 Most Memorable Deaths In Attack On Titan | Anime Senpai

Mike Zacharias’ death may have been the first death of season two, making it a memorable one. But the last death of the season may be even more memorable seeing as how it’s the death of fan-favorite, Hannes. The Garrison soldier who saved Eren and Mikasa all the way back in the first episode of the series. The soldier failed to save Carla Yeager and also failed to kill the titan, running away in fear with the two children.

To add salt to injury Hannes died at the hands of the smiling Titan, actually Dina Fritz, the same Titan that ate Eren’s mother. This time Hannes rushed on the attack and almost got his vengeance before getting caught up and eaten. Of course, this made Eren explode with rage and decimate the smiling Titan, getting revenge for Hannes and his mother. Hannes’ death easily goes down as one of the most memorable deaths in the series, and will always give me chills on a rewatch.

Sasha Braus

10 Most Memorable Deaths In Attack On Titan | Anime Senpai

Up next is the most recent death in the series and maybe one of the saddest by far, the death of Sasha Braus. A comedic side character that’s been around with the main cast since the very beginning of the series, Sasha’s death serves as a real showing of how brutal the war between Marley and Paradis will be.

Perhaps the saddest part of Sasha’s death is that it happens after all the fighting has ceased. As everyone is partying and cheering Gabi somehow manages to climb aboard and kill the hero. Right after Sasha spared the girl’s life she was shot down by her.

Petra Ral

10 Most Memorable Deaths In Attack On Titan | Anime Senpai

Next up to no surprise is Petra Ral, when you clicked on this list you knew she would be on it didn’t you. Petra’s death is a brutal one and shows us that no one is safe from the titans, not even Levi’s special squad. Who I might add completely got demolished by the Female Titan in a matter of seconds.

Instead of putting the entire squad in this spot, I believe that Petra deserves it, all by herself. Because not only did she have the most brutal death out of the group, (being stomped on by Annie), she also had the saddest follow-up. With her parents talking to Levi about her marriage, seconds after Levi dumped her and other cadet bodies to escape.

Faye Yeager

10 Most Memorable Deaths In Attack On Titan | Anime Senpai

Perhaps the most brutal death in the entire series belongs to Faye Yeager. The younger sister of Grisha Yeager and the would-be aunt to Eren and Zeke, emphasis on would-be. Faye’s death affects the entire series by setting Grisha down the path of an Eldian Restorationist, eventually ending him up on Paradis for his crimes. Faye’s death sets everything in motion making her passing very important and memorable.

But the main reason her death is burnt into the head of viewers isn’t because of what it caused but rather HOW the poor eight-year-old died. Faye Yeager was fed to a group of dogs by the station guards of the airship station. After being friendly to the brother-sister duo the guards told Grisha they would watch over her, when he left they had already killed the little girl. Her death may not be the most memorable death in the series but is by far one of the most brutal, in both the manga and the anime.

Erwin Smith

10 Most Memorable Deaths In Attack On Titan | Anime Senpai

Placing in as the third most memorable death in Attack On Titan we have the fearless leader of the scouts, Erwin Smith. Erwin was a legendary leader and brought the scouts to new levels of success and was the driving force behind practically every outing the scouts went on. Sadly and most valiantly Erwin was taken out by the Beast Titan alongside hundreds of recruits as they made one last suicide rush.

Erwin’s death hits so hard because he was one fight away from discovering the truth that he yearned so hard to find. But alas he did as Levi told him, giving up on his dreams and dying. To add salt to injury Erwin was almost resurrected thanks to Floch and Levi, almost becoming the new Colossal Titan. However, at the very last second, the vial was instead given to104th cader, Armin Arlert.

Marco Bott

10 Most Memorable Deaths In Attack On Titan | Anime Senpai

If not for the next entry on this list the death of Marco Bott would have taken the number one spot for most memorable death in all of the Attack On Titan anime. This death was the first time a prominent character died in season 1 and really showed us that anyone can die at any time, especially since at first Marco died off-screen.

Marco’s death is given even more reason to be remembered later on in season 3 when we see how he really died. His death just goes to show how far the warriors were willing to go for their mission, even if it meant sacrificing their so-called friends. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat, if it weren’t for our next entry Marco would definitely be the most memorable death in the series. The jokes and memes about his half-eaten corpse are more than enough proof of this.

Carla Yeager

10 Most Memorable Deaths In Attack On Titan | Anime Senpai

Lastly, we have the death that started it all. The death of Carla Yeager, Eren’s mother, if it weren’t for Carla being eaten by the titan this whole series wouldn’t have happened. The motivation behind Eren’s goal to kill all the titans, as well as the main reason Grisha gave up his Attack Titan to his young son. Carla’s death will always be the most memorable death in this amazing but tragedy-filled series.

Do you agree with our choices? Have some choices of your own that we missed? Make sure to add them and give us your own memorable death choices in the comments section down below. Until next time, stay tuned to Anime Senpai!

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