A Chance To Publish Your Manga Next To One Piece & Chainsaw Man

Shueisha collaborated with MediBang to launch a new manga submission platform, MANGA Plus Creators. It is a perfect application if you seek a unique place for your creations. Significantly, the platform aims to provide a place for creators who speak English and Spanish to publish their works and share them with an international audience. In addition, the most popular submissions will be eligible for cash rewards and a chance to get your manga published alongside One Piece and Spy x Family.

manga plus creators

Artists from around the globe can submit their manga work to the Manga Plus Creators website. If accepted, the work is published and made available for reading to users worldwide. Henceforth, free and open worldwide, MANGA Plus Creators has a robust set of community tools and a prominent spot on the main MANGA Plus app. Means, fans who read One Piece and other manga series via the MANGA Plus app will be able to see fan mangas, giving lots of exposure to new manga writers.

manga plus creators app

MANGA Plus by Shueisha (manga publisher) is an online website providing manga to iOS, Android, and PC users in seven languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Thai, Russian, and Indonesian, since 2019. Kaiju No.8, Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, Spy x Family, and many others are among the best-known works in this domain.

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Awarding System In Manga Plus Creators

manga plus creators awards

In essence, the award winner will have their manga published by Shueisha on the MANGA Plus app and the Japanese Jump+ platform. There are two sets of prize categories, one for English and one for Spanish. The “Gold Award” will be given to the best five works of the month based on views and likes. New releases from the start of the month are the only ones that will be considered.

Moreover, it will include publication on Jump+ and MANGA Plus and a cash prize. The runners-up will be published on MANGA Plus and awarded cash prizes. Monetary prizes of up to one million yen are awarded monthly. The editors of SHUEISHA will evaluate all entries and select the best ones.

Manga Plus Creators Overview

The site’s and app’s user interface presents readers with a selection of ready-to-read works organized into various categories. The first relates to the newer editions or mangas that have recently released a new chapter.

As one would expect, there is a sub-category labelled “new manga” under “updates,” which is devoted to recently published manga works. The list also includes titles suggested to readers. Consequently, the app is now available in English and Spanish. However, Initially, all of the works were available in English.

Users of MANGA Plus Creators by SHUEISHA are urged to download the free Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS versions of MediBang’s Manga, a JUMP drawing app. MediBang builds and runs platforms for creative professionals around. It’s a flagship product. MediBang Paint is used by people in more than 150 different countries to create illustrations and manga and has been downloaded over 75 million times.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you want to utilize MANGA Plus Creators. In that case, it’s essential to be aware that, according to the MediBang terms of service, the submitted works will maintain all intellectual property rights. At the same time, MediBang and Shueisha may use the works for advertising and marketing.

Did you believe that being a famous mangaka on a global scale was impossible because of where you live? Well, perhaps, with Manga Plus Creators, that won’t be an issue anymore. How well this gamble pays off for Shueisha remains to be seen, but initially, it seems like a great way to make discovering new shonen references easier. The variety of artists is overgrowing. You can download the manga plus creator app on Google Play or App Store.

Let us know your thoughts on this new manga application for artists worldwide. Are you thinking of becoming a Mangaka yourself? Will this application help you in globalizing your work? We are eager to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

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