A doctor recommends “not” watching Evangelion when in a state of depression

When they say this anime is a masterpiece, it doesn’t mean that it will not affect your mental state in any way. The same happens in this case as an Otaku had a memorable experience with a psychiatrist because of an old anime series.

Neon Genesis Evangelion not recommended for depressed people

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime series that aired between 1995 and 1996 and has a rating of 8.34 on MAL. Most people consider it a masterpiece, not just because of its good parts, but because it was memorable due to how traumatizing and depressing it was. And because of this, a patient who liked this series was given a very friendly recommendation by this doctor.

Twitter User “annaancoco” tells us a story from 2017 when she visited her psychiatrist in a mental hospital, where the doctor recommended she not watch the Evangelion. Her tweet is:

The tweet roughly translates as:

When I go to the mental hospital, I wear Kaworu-kun’s T-shirt.

Doctor: “Do you like Eva? Do you like Kaworu-kun?”

Me: “Yes, I like Shinji too.”

Doctor: “Don’t look at Eva when you’re feeling down. Don’t look at Kaworu-kun. ”

Tweet of the user
Neon Genesis Evangelion not recommended for depressed people

In the comment section of this tweet, she explains when all of this happens as:

The comment roughly translates to:

(This is from 2017.)

I’m in remission now, and I watch TV Eva, Shin Eva, and old dramas normally.

If you like Eva with low energy, Shinkalion episode 31, Shinkalion theatrical version, I recommend the Eva episode of Shinkalion Z21.

(There is no Kaworu in Shinkalion.)


Comment of the user on her tweet

In this comment, she explains how she has recovered and advises watching Evangelion spin-off series for Evangelion fans that will not get them depressed, as they don’t have Kaworu in them.

Neon Genesis Evangelion not recommended for depressed people

The comment section of her tweet was also a fiasco, as many people gave their thoughts on this. Some comments were:

After going on maternity leave as a pregnant woman, I often watched DVDs in my free time, but when I watched Eva, I felt sick.

There was nothing but despair.

I used to watch it while I was recovering.

I think what your doctor said is very important. I am mentally ill or developmentally disabled. But when I’m down, I watch “86-Eighty Six” or “Mugen no Revius”! So this is anime and escapism. And by the time I finish, I’ll come up with a message for the work, so it will be relatively positive.

I know what you mean. I went to see the last movie and it was a late showing, so when I got home it was already dark and my mood had been drained just by watching it. I saw this from a normal state, and since then I have been traumatized

Wow, this is pretty serious!

Neon Genesis Evangelion not recommended for depressed people

The synopsis of Neon Genesis Evangelion is as follows:

The highly guarded city of Tokyo-3 serves as the final human settlement in post-apocalyptic Japan. Shinji Ikari, 14, is brought to the NERV headquarters, the underground group Gendou, his estranged father, heads. He asks Shinji to fly an “Evangelion,” a massive robot made to battle the deadly and hideous extraterrestrial “Angels”. They wreak havoc on the world and imperil the existence of the last of the human species. Despite his initial reluctance, Shinji eventually decides to join Evangelion Unit-01 as a pilot to assist humanity in their difficult battle against the alien menace. Will Shinji be able to command Unit-01 correctly and save the human race?

Source: Otakomu

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