A New Isekai Series About ‘Mother’s Harem’ Has Netizens In Disbelief

The isekai theme has been so widely used within the anime, manga, and light novel industries that it has become a bit stale for some readers. In order to keep their audience invested, writers have started to shake things up by adding unique elements to the standard narrative of the main character being reincarnated in a new world, defeating the bad guys, and getting the girl at the end. By doing so, they hope to keep the genre fresh and exciting.

Netizens were surprised to learn about the upcoming manga series titled “Yuusha ni zenbu ubawareta ore wa yuusha no hahaoya to Party kumimashita” (Everything was taken away by the hero I formed a party with the hero’s mother), which is a direct adaptation of the light novel. As the title suggests, this manga follows the story of a hero who joins forces with the mother of another hero to form a party, but the twist is that this party is made up entirely of mothers. This unusual take on the isekai genre has definitely piqued the curiosity of readers.


The main character of the series is a 42-year-old man who gets reincarnated into another world as a baby (the story takes place when he becomes a 14-year-old boy). In this new magical world, the life expectancy is 50 years, and girls that are older than 17 years old are considered old.

MC’s childhood best friend went on to become the hero, and together they formed a party. However, things took a turn for the worse when it was revealed that the hero had been secretly involved with the girl MC was dating. In order to cover up this affair, both the hero and the girl convinced the rest of the party to kick MC out, citing his lack of strength as the reason. Despite knowing that he was the weakest member of the group, MC couldn’t bring himself to disagree and ultimately left the party in disgrace.

While the hero’s mother was cast aside by his father and replaced by a younger woman because she was deemed no longer desirable, the hero didn’t seem to care much about this situation as he wasn’t particularly close to his mother to begin with. Seeking revenge against his former party, the main character decided to form a new group with the mothers of his previous party members. In this magical world, it appears that people are indifferent to the value or worth of women over the age of 18, leading the main character to believe that forming a party with these women would be a satisfying act of retribution.

Where To Read

The “Yuusha ni zenbu ubawareta ore wa yuusha no hahaoya to Party kumimashita” manga series has yet to begin publishing, and the light novel is relatively new to a worldwide audience, so it does not yet have an official English translation available. However, there are a few hundred chapters of fan translations available online for those interested in reading the series.

It’s clear from the plot that this manga may not be suitable for all readers – will you be giving it a chance when it is released?

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