A Retired Voice Actress Could Become Homeless, Ask Fans To Take Care of Her Cats

Retired singer and voice actress Yurina Hase, formerly known as “Yurika Ochiai” and now only known as ” Yurika”, worried her fans by posting an update on Twitter about the possibility of her being homeless next month.

She posted on Twitter: “I know it’s sudden, but I may be homeless next month. I am looking for someone to take care of my three cats who are like my own children. Sorry for the abruptness of this story“.

Later she tweeted:

I felt that being homeless was nothing compared to people on the battlefields in Ukraine, and I had no dreams, so I thought it would be good to go to the bottom. I just want to do something with the cats. They are my family and I am ready to give my life for them

She Tweeted next day:

Isn’t it nice to have a cat that is more than your life? Do you think I would expose it on the Internet for something other than what it is intended for? After a night of thinking about it, I decided not to leave my cats. I sincerely thank everyone who contacted me by Direct Message

Although, things seem to have calmed down a little bit, but her followers are still worried about her. Some fans asked her to go back to her parents house for the moment. She said “I often get advice to go home, but my parents are strict, the countryside has countryside rules, and I have no place to go.”

Her roles in the industry include Yukiho Hagiwara in The Idolmaster, Suzume Saotome in Hyakko, Konomi Yuzuhara in To Heart 2, Machiko Natsukawa in Panchira Teacher, Aloe in Quiz Magic Academy: The Original Animation, Yurika Sasaki in Love Get Chu, among many others.

Yurina Hase originally worked for Arts Vision, but left in October 2006. Starting in 2007, she worked for Genki Project, but moved to Intercept in December 2008. On December 17, 2009, she went freelance and changed her name Yurina Hase. In December 2011, Hase began working for Kekke for his voice acting-related activities. In 2014, she took a break from voice acting roles. In June 2020, she recounted on networks how she suffered sexual harassment from a Sunrise anime studio casting.

Source: Twitter

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