Adult Manga Scene Goes Viral For Epic Art

Being a manga artist (mangaka) is a very hard profession. Even if you have a pretty good talent of drawing, there is a very bleak chance that you will be successful in this field. If you are lucky enough, one of the major manga publishers (Kodansha etc.) will publish your story, and you will get some success. However, most of the manga artists’ aren’t that lucky, but that does not stop them from drawing.

Credit: wani_kairakuten (Twitter)

A manga panel recently went viral on Twitter because it was so well drawn. The tweet has gotten more than 30,000 likes, and more than 7,000 retweets. What amazed people was that this panel wasn’t from any popular manga series, but a he*tai series. In the panel, you can see a player dunking down with power.

Starting as mangaka is tough, initially the artist gets very low salary, and a lot of overtime, because of that some artists choose to draw doujinshi instead.

Speaking of doujinshi, Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro author, Nanashi also started as a doujinshi artist. 1 year before starting Nagaotor manga, they published some pretty famous doujinshi including that of Naruto and Fate series.

The artist is known in the doujinshi community with a nickname of “hirune”. They have published more than 70 doujinshi manga since 2019. Hopefully, they will get a chance to work on a bigger project, and maybe as an anime artist.

Source: Twitter via Vocesabianime

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