An Anime Series Like Squid Game Will Be Released In 2022

Published on November 16th, 2021

Manga series “Tomodachi Game” written and illustrated by Yuki Sato, will be getting an anime series scheduled for 2022.

The series is being compared with Netflix’s Squid Game because of a similar plot. Squid Game is the most successful series of streaming giant Netflix. The series has impressed entertainment lovers from all over the world.


Tomodachi Game tells the story of Yuuichi Katagiri, a young student who has been in financial problems all his life, however, due to the sport of his friends, he remained positive. Yuuichi saves up around 2 million yen ($20,000) for school trip fees, but the money goes missing and all the suspicion falls to Yuuichi’s friends, who were in charge of collecting the money.

After a few days, Yuuichi and his friends receive a mysterious letter. They are offered to play a “friendship game”, and the winner of the game will have his debt clear. There they will decide what matters the most, Friendship or money?


There is no trailer released for anime adaptation yet. However, the series received 2 live action films. The first movie was released in June 2017, and the second film screened in Sept 2017.

Anime Cast

The cast includes:

  • Chiaki Kobayashi will voice Yūichi Katagiri
  • Daiki Hamano will voice Tenji Mikasa
  • Yume Miyamoto will voice Shiho Sawaragi
  • Tomohiro Ōno will voice Makoto Shibe

Studio Mouse will produce the anime series, according to Anime News Network.

Yuki Sato launched the manga series in Dec 2013, published in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Tomodachi Game manga entered in the final arc in August 2020.

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  1. Squid Game comparison? Tomodachi Game exists long before Bland Games came out. tbh, Squid Game ain’t really good, it’s just the hype of teens which made it popular. Heck, I was thinking what’s so good about the games in Squid Game that I don’t remember any significant happenings while watching it.

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