Ao Ashi Episode 15 Release Date, Preview & Where To Watch Online

Football is arguably the most famous sport around the globe with millions of players and fans, and Ao Ashi is a visual representation of Aoi Ashito, a third-year middle school student from Ehime who dreams of becoming a professional football player.

Ao Ashi episode 15

Unfortunately, he comes from a low-income family who can’t manage to pay the money required to become a professional football player. Things start to change when he meets J1 League team Tokyo Esperion Manager Fukuda Tetsuya. Fukuda recognizes the massive amount of hidden talent in Aoi and invites him for a trial at Tokyo Esperion, will Aoi achieve his dream or won’t. New upcoming and twisting storylines to come in a future episode of Ao Ashi Episode. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode.

Episode 14 Recap

In Episode 14, it was revealed that coach Fukuda wants Aoi to change his position into a fullback from an attacker and was told to leave the academy if he was unwilling to change his position. For Aoi, it was a piece of devastating news since all his game was based around scoring, unable to grasp the reality he goes to the bus stop, where he is found by Fukuda’s little sister, Hana who understands the situation and decides to take Aoi to the faculty where he can eat his dinner and come back to his senses.

Hana figures out the solution to this situation and calls Aoi’s mom after hearing his mother voice Aoi understands the problem at hand and decides to change his position and keep chasing his dream of becoming a pro. After going back to the dorm, Aoi apologizes to his teammates for causing trouble for them and asks for help from A team player Akutsu who has been on bad terms with him since his trial.

What can we expect in Ao Ashi Episode 15?

As seen in the preview of the upcoming episode, it is going to be an exciting episode with Aoi probably adapting to the changes that took place suddenly and will try to overcome the obstacles in his path to becoming a pro.

Aoi Ashi Episode 15 release date

Aoi Ashi is one of the most popular series of this year, with fans desperately waiting for the upcoming episodes. The wait isn’t going to be much, since episode 15 is scheduled for the 16th of July 2022. Episode 15 will first premiere on Japanese local TV Networks. The expected arrival time for the audience outside of Japan is 1-4 hours after its premiere in Japan.

Here is the release time for the international audience:

Australian Central Time: 19:25
Pacific Daylight Time: 02:25
Central Daylight Time: 04:25
British Summer Time: 10:25
Eastern Daylight Time: 05:25

Where to watch Aoi Ashi?

Due to its fantastic storyline and unexpected plot twist, Aoi Ashi is on the Watchlist of many people. Some might wonder where we can watch it? The people residing in Japan can watch anime on the NHK education TV channel. For OTT platforms, fans can watch it on Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+.

For fans outside of Japan, it can be seen on Crunchyroll in English subtitles in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and almost all of Europe.

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