Assassin’s Creed Is Getting A Manhwa Adaptation

Anime, Manga and Manhua popularity is on the rise and now many popular franchise’s are taking interest and want to collaborate with this growing industry. First, Marvel announced that they will be regularly working on to get their own manga version and they have already taken first step by introducing a Deadpool manga. Now the latest edition is popular franchise Assassin Creed, which will be getting a manhwa adaptation.

Credit: Ubisoft

As far as the story goes, we know that it will follow the Assassin’s Creed 4 and manhwa will be produce by Redice Studio. It is the same company which produces Solo Leveling.

In an interview, head of Ubisoft content stated that:

This leads to other super interesting projects like the webtoon we are currently animating and developing in korea. It would be a project where we reuse a specific character. And then we had a conversation about Assassin’s Creed 4: Black flag and potential novels or DLCs that we never used before where we can see Edward going somewhere else, maybe not staying in the same seas, maybe going east.

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