Attack on Titan Alternate Ending Is Being Produced By Fans

Hajime Isayama’s work Attack on Titan series ended on April 9 with the release of the final chapter 139. As expected, fans of Attack on Titan were not on the same page about how the manga series should have ended.

There are many alternate popular endings, which are loved by many fans. One of the alternate ending is, Akatsuki no Requeim ending. Akatuski no Requeim was one of the famous endings theorized by fans and now some fans are working together to not only produce an alternate manga ending but also an animation project.

First part of the Akatsuki no Requeim (alternate ending) will be released on May 29, 2021, according to the official twitter handle of AotnoRequiem. Twitter account have more than eight thousand followers. First image from the fan made alternate ending was also released, which has more than 600 retweets.

Source: AotnoRequiem (Twitter)

What is Akatuski no Requiem?

*While reading ahead, please keep in mind that there will be potential spoilers.

AnK theory is based on one of the Attack on Titan ending songs, Akatsuki no Requiem by Linked Horizon. According to AnK theory, Eren wins the final fight against the alliance. He eradicates all the threats to paradise and lives out rest of his life along side Historia and their child. Due to no external threats, Paradise finally achieves peace.

AnK is considered one of the best possible endings to Attack on Titan.

What we know so far about this project?

Fan made alternate ending titled “Attack on Titan no Requiem” first part is set to release on May 29, 2021. The team working on the alternate ending answered some questions from the fans. Here are some of the best QnA from their official source:

Q: If you don’t mind me asking what’s the reason for you and you’re team to start at chapter 136?

A: We started this project simply because we wanted to explore the other narratives presented in the story & we felt unsatisfied with the canon ending! We are very happy to work with other like minded people & create our own ending to properly pray homage to a very loved series!

Q: Could you tell about what main themes are including in this alternate ending?

A: The main outstanding ones: Battle of ideologies, children from the forest theme, surpassing the father, the curse of Ymir, breaking the cycle of hatred

Q: Please.. please.. do some justice to the look of Historia’s kid. It’d be great if she resembles Hisu’s cute face rather than Armin’s eyes and nose

A: We will be doing justice to all of our characters .. stay tuned 😉

Q: As an em shipper would this comic be convenient for me or not ? Just curious

A: Shipping really isn’t a huge focal point compared to the rest of the themes. While romance is explored, we want there to be a satisfying conclusion to all other relationships as well.

Q: How are you gonna fit like every character arcs and plot points in your version?? Was it hard trying to juggle everything?

A: Yeah it was definitely challenging and we had to talk/discuss in detail about how all the events would unfold and work. We had to prioritize the major themes that were missed and try to create good fitting ending for everybody but there are certain things that needed to be cut. 

Source: AOTnoRequiem

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